Apr 6, 2012

F . . . Friendship

A sneak peak into the lives of my characters:
The friendships that have grown between Kira and Lydia, the two female characters in BOUND, are much stronger than most. They feel a sisterly connection that drives them to risk their lives and the well-being of their souls to save each other. That same friendship brings Kira strength, courage and eventually the ability to love Octavion.

BOUND is a heroic tale about a 17 year-old girl who discovers she's not the mouse her mother always claimed she was, but a strong, independent woman and a kick butt warrior who would fight to the death to save the ones she loves.

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  1. Friendships like that are so rare and so precious. It's nice to get to know your character better! (My apologies for being such a lousy blog reader lately!)