Apr 7, 2012

G . . . Gratitude

It's not always easy to see the good in things. Take a bad review, for instance. How do you react when you read negative things about a book you've written or even one you've read and loved? Do you get angry and leave a belittling comment or are you gracious and thank them for their honest opinion?

For me, as an author, it's easy. I know I'm not going to please everyone who reads my book and that's okay. I'm not writing for the ones who don't get my style or like my characters.
I'm writing for those who DO.
And for every negative review, I learn something new about how people perceive my words and gifts as a writer. It propels me forward, makes me want to be better at my craft and creates a passion in me to be sure when those reviews come in, I've done everything in my power to publish a good story and a superior product.
I'm MORE than grateful for ALL the book bloggers and reviewers out there. They've got a tough job and I appreciate their willingness to put themselves and their opinions out there for others to enjoy.
What do you think about how some people (authors and readers alike) react to negative reviews? 


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