Apr 5, 2012

E . . . Expectations & Delayed Gratification

About two years ago my desktop computer burst into flames and burned down our house. Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a teensy bit; it didn't actually burn down the house. It didn't burn anything, well . . . except the motherboard, hard drive, DVD burner, power source, RAM & wiring, etc. It was a sad, sad day for this writer and it honestly FELT like my entire life went up in flames. I'd backed up most things, especially my writing, but some items were lost forever. 

Since that time, because we couldn't afford a new computer, I've hammered away on a very old laptop that's had to be babied along the way. I literally have to reboot 5-6 times a day just to run basic programs. My Photoshop experience is very slow going and quite often it closes down in the middle of a project for no reason. Very sad, and frustrating.

About a month ago we got our taxes back and my husband announced that it was time for me to get my PC back. *Happy Dance* I can't begin to tell you how excited I was at this news. Hubs ordered the parts (because he was confident he could rebuild it on his own--he built the original after all) and I waited. 

One by one the parts came in until they were finally all here. I was like a little girl getting a pony. I cleaned my office space, got out BOTH my monitors, purchased a new wireless keyboard & mouse (with my very own royalty check, I might add) and backed up all my info on an external hard drive so I could transfer it to the new computer.

Two hours into the building process (which should have taken much less time)Hubs discovers he ordered the wrong motherboard. DEEP sorrow gripped my aching soul. (I know, way too much drama, but REALLY?  The wrong part?)

So I waited. Again.

Another week goes by and the right MB comes in. YIPPEE!! (Thank goodness they took back the other MB.) It's a Tuesday so I have to wait until Saturday when Hubs is home to install it. 

I wait--patiently. 

It doesn't work. Faulty. *Cries real tears* Sent it back for a new one.

More Waiting.

Part comes. Hubs installs it. Plugs it in the wall. Nothing happens. *BREATHE* Hubs is fed up, ready to chuck the thing out the window and, to be honestly, at this point I'd help him. He throws his hands up and takes it to a repair guy who says it will be done the following Monday.

More Waiting. (Over a month now)

Reorganized and cleaned my office over the weekend. Monday comes, and I'm so excited about picking it up I could pee my pants. *Yippity Skippity*  Only costs $30 *ahem* One wire in wrong place. *no comment* (I love you Sweetie)

Bring it home. Plug it in. Insert new Windows7 program and AAAAAAAAH!!!  My computer has a 32 bit PCU processor and the program is for a 64 bit. 

At this point I think I'm jinxed and maybe I'm just not meant to have my fancy little computer with all the bells and whistles. But I'm NOT willing to give up YET. Hubs gets online and orders the RIGHT program and it's supposed to be here by this Friday. TOMORROW!!  

I'm NOT holding my breath. 

I guess the point I need to make here is that sometimes the rewards we receive for our hard work don't always come when we want them to. Sometimes the gratification is delayed a little . . . or a LOT. Are our expectations too high when we want things NOW?  Maybe in some cases. The thing to remember is that all good things come in time. It may not be OUR time, but they do come if we are patient and do our best to work toward them. I keep telling myself that. I'll let you know when the computer is actually up and running.

What are you waiting for? Have any expectations for the coming year?


  1. Hope your program gets there and is the last thing you need to get your computer up and running. I can identify with computer problems. I've had 2 hard drives burn out on me, one damaged screen, and a little one for my daughter we're nursing along.

  2. That would be sooo hard! Computer problems would seem like the world was comming to an end. Tina Scott