Apr 28, 2011

Creating a New World

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I'm in the middle of what I hope to be my final edits of a YA Paranormal Romance, currently titled THE CRYSTOR. When I wrote this novel, which takes place here on earth in current times, I had to keep in mind that two of the main characters come from another world and their kingdom (one of five) is . . .


It's a primitive world, much like what you might find in medieval times, with castles and swords and none of the modern conveniences of current technology. I had to create this new world, complete with a map of the five kingdoms, their government, religion and the details of an ancient curse that plagues all Royals on that planet. Because, even though the reader won't see much of that world in this book, there are 3 others to the series and they all take place in and around Xantara.

I find myself constantly thinking about that new world and how my life would be different if I were to step through a magical portal to live there. For Kira, my main character, it will be hard for her to adapt and I need to put myself in her shoes to know how she feels and reacts to certain situations. I actually LOVE that part of my job, creating new worlds and letting my characters find their way along a new path. Discovery is a wonderful thing.

What's your favorite part of writing and creating? Do you like world building?


  1. My favorite part is typing "the end!" :) I also like the researching part. Since I write historicals, it's always fascinating (and a bit daunting) researching other time periods. Thanks goodness for the Internet! And I love those days when the story comes easily.

  2. I LOVE world building. I love creating my own world, with my own rules and magic. It's exhilarating. Seriously, one of my favorite parts of writing. :)

  3. My favorite part is just exercising my creativity. I guess that means all of it.