Apr 29, 2011

Knowing Your Market

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As a writer, I've jumped around from one genre to another trying to find the right place for my voice. I began with romance, mostly because I read a lot of adult romance growing up and one of my favorite authors writes in that genre. But the more I experimented with the way I write, I seemed to gravitate toward Young Adult Paranormal, both in my writing and in my reading. 

I love YA Paranormal Romance. Absolutely LOVE, LOVE it. Not so much the vampires, werewolves and Zombies, although I do have to admit one of my favorites is SHIVER, but I like the supernatural, mind bending, phychic kind of stuff. Here's a good example of this kind of writing. GREAT read, if you want to pick it up.

And, of course, adding a romantic element is always a plus for me.

I have found one teensy problem, however. I seem to balance that thin line between YA and Adult in my writing. I usually have one character around seventeen, but the rest are a year or two older. There's a category out there that doesn't get much publicity called NEW ADULT for ages 17 - 25 and I think that's where I really belong. It's a great crossover for college aged kids and my voice fits nicely there. But until it's more recognized, I'm happy writing YA.

What genre are you most comfortable writing in? What age group category?


  1. I tend to write "new adults", but I have written a bit of YA too. No novels as yet. My "YA" novel was really New Adult, as the characters were all 19 turning 20, and had real life problems, i.e. were out of school and now had to pay bills, etc.

  2. I agree. I feel that I would mostly fall into the "New Adult" category as well considering my writing. I write both YA and Adult and don't have a problem switching gears because the ages are pretty close that NA is where they would most likely fall if that were to become a universal genre.

  3. I like my characters older too. I just ended up changing my MC to 16 instead of 17 because my agent thought she was too old. I do agree, but I really like mine older. I may do a "New Adult" in my next book. I just like the 17-18 ages for some reason.

  4. You learn something new every day! I guess I do fall under the "New Adult" category as well.

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