Apr 27, 2011

Random Things About . . . ME!

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I love . . . WATER!

As a child, my family always loved to camp. We had our own little piece of paradise carved out in the mountains just north of Galena Summit, Idaho.

This is Petit Lake.
Isn't it beautiful? I've always dreamed of having a cabin built here, taking my own family there for vacations and spending time writing and enjoying the serenity. It's my home away from home.

* * *

A few years ago, my husband, son and I went to the Oregon Coast. What a magical place to be. 

I'd only seen the ocean a couple times in my life and have always loved it. I feel drawn to it and feel a kind of peace when I'm standing on the beach, letting the sand squish between my toes and watching the waves roll across the shore. Another place I'd like to build a vacation home, just a little bungalow on the beach would suit me just fine. 

* * * 

Anyway, I think you get the idea. I LOVE WATER! Whether it's the ocean, a mountain lake, a rambling brook or just a backyard swimming pool. I gravitate toward it. I even have a little water feature in my front yard, so I can sit on my deck and listen to the water cascade into the little whisk barrel. 
We live within a mile of two large water falls, Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls, and I spend quite a bit of time at the parks there.

Where's your favorite place to be? Why does it make you feel the way you do when you're there?


  1. I love water too :) As I said on another blog entry (somebody else focused on Water too) I especially love it when it's rain! :)

  2. I love water too. :) I love the rain, I love the ocean, (besides sharks... They scare the crap out of me), and I love little mountain streams. I can honestly say I hate camping with a passion though. We go every year with my hubby's family. It takes a lot for me to go, but I still do. Even if I'm silently cursing the dirt and nature the whole time! ;) (I don't hate nature, I just don't like sleeping in it...)

  3. Love it! My favorite is a little babbling brook. My great grandma had a creek running by her house with a little footbridge across it. One of my favorite places.

  4. My favorite place to be is Acadia National Park in Maine. And it's because there are mountains, lakes and the ocean all together in one gorgeous package.

    The pictures you've posted here are really gorgeous.

  5. Being from AZ, I love the rain. Especially the torrential downpour of the monsoons. I love listening to the ocean and walking along the shore, and closer to home, I really like Woods Canyon Lake.