Feb 3, 2010

A New Work In Progress

About two weeks ago I had a very vivid, and LONG dream. Most of my dreams are gone before I wake up and I don't remember them, but this one stuck with me, grabbed hold of my muse and took on a life of its own. Needless to say, it is my current work in progress. I'd like to introduce it to you and see what you think.
It is Young Adult Fantasy. Of course the details are still a little sketchy and I certainly don't want to give away too much, but after searching the image file on google, and finding suitable pictures to help with my story description, I'd like to give it a go. So here it is:


The Water Spirit

Tara has lived by the ocean as long as she can remember. Her grandfather being her only family, she's content with her simple life. But when her grandfather dies a few days before her 18th birthday, leaving her alone to fend for herself, she finds he's been keeping secrets from her. Secrets that will change her life forever.

Tara has always loved swimming in the ocean, sometimes even dreamed of being a mermaid, but kept telling herself there's no such thing, that her uncanny ability to stay under water longer than anyone else she knew, and the speed with which she could swim, was just from years of practice. But after taking a journey across the Nevada desert finds her near death, she starts thinking there's more to her little fantasy than she imagined.
But then comes along Quinton, a 21 year old construction worker from Colorado who saves her life and convinces her there's more to her dreams than she thinks. That it's the only explanation for why she can't survive without the revitalizing flow of water over her thirsting skin.

Together they travel across the country searching for answers--but what they find is far more unbelievable than Tara becoming a mermaid. Tara's real name is Aquatara and she's the lost granddaughter of King Nereus, the ruler of the water spirits and Myst World that lies deep in the Altantic.
But it's not just Tara's past that holds its secrets--Quinton's own heritage puts him at odds with his father, a Hunter, sworn to track down land dwelling water spirits like Tara and return them to the sea.

Refusing his birthright as a Hunter, Quinton will defy his father and do anything to protect Tara--even if it means risking his life in the frigid waters of the Atlantic.

So, what do you think?


  1. I adore mermaids...water sprites...and romance. It sounds like a winning combination.

  2. Were we supposed to get hot and bothered by this? Cuz it worked.

  3. Hot and bothered, as in MAD? Or as in turned on a bit? I just hope the idea and the writing is good enough to entertain. I'm having a blast doing the research and outline. I started writing a few pages the other day and love where it's going. Can't wait to be done and get my critique group's opinion.

  4. Wow! I think I want to have dreams like yours! Good luck on this new idea!

  5. um wow, thats awesome! I hope you write it because I want to read it. I was at one time toying with a mermaid story but it was so totally not as awesome as this. You rock!

  6. Oh, oh, oh!!! I can't wait!!!! March, you say? Oh boy!

    As a side note, we have shared a similar experience. I had a dream recently, too. It wasn't about mermaids, though, but something else I think will be fun.(If you want to read a scene from it, I'll let you--as long as you realize it's very first draft)

  7. Well, since I've talked to you about it a little (yes, that's braggery) I can only say how impressed I am with how prolific you are! I can't wait to read it.

  8. No, not as in mad! LOL Good grief, girl! Being hot and bothered is a GOOD thing!

  9. WOW. That's cool! And you're gonna have the first book ready for your crit group by march???? How long have you been working on this?

    dang. i want my WIP done! :) tehehehe somebody stand behind me with a whip! j/k... don't really. i have a sword and i will use it. Wow. Okay. time to go to bed. i'm being a little nutty here. (don't post this LOL) Night!!

  10. I am very intrigued.

  11. Wow! I think it sounds like an amazing idea, and something I would definitely read.

    Love the pics!

  12. Great plot, Christine! I am so proud of you for getting it down and following your Muse and your heart.

    I know you will do a great job with this!

    I'm here if you need me. ((hugs))

  13. Great premise! Maybe mermaids will be the new vampires! You've got so many wonderful possibilities here! Good luck!

  14. WOW I dream books but mine are always funny and I can't remember them when I wake up. At least to that extent. Four books worth. I am so impressed. Sounds GREAT!!