Feb 2, 2010

Tagalong Tuesday

Welcome to Tagalong Tuesday, where I search from all my blogging buddies and a few strays I happen to stumble on out there in blogging world and quote their most recent post. I'm amazed at the variety and caliber of writers out there and have had a difficult time picking just the right ones to go on here. I hope you enjoy today's selection. I know you'll love these stories, some heartwarming, others educational and of course a little comedy relief thrown in for good measure. Until next week, KEEP BLOGGING!!

I mean, seriously!! I can't do it right ALL THE TIME, but I was hoping if I could get things right more than half the time, the stronger half would win. That makes sense, doesn't' it? Apparently not. (Lori Conger - The Stronger Half of My Influence)

There are many things in life that are just out of our control and all we can do is go with the flow, keep swimming, and hope that at sometime things will work out. (Kathi Oram Peterson - Just Keep Swimming)

In honor of Groundhog Day—well, yes, if we're going to have a day named after some weird animal, we'd better at least honor it—I'm posting a humorous children's story. We're all young at heart so I'm sure you'll enjoy it. (C.L. Beck - One Weird Animal)

The story starts with a family trip to Target (money-sucking black hole) in the middle of winter (horrid cold/flu season). My children have recently raided my purse for gum and are all chomping away as we enter. (Kasie West - How to make sure your kid catches every virus around)

I’ve never done this before but I sat down and began composing diary entries from the perspective of this rather reluctant character. I’ve interviewed my characters, drawn up histories and charts and pedigrees, but I’ve never written journals for them. (L.T. Elliot - A Writer's Forgery)

Everyone has had that one pair of shoes that even though you have worn them a million times, and they are obviously falling apart, you still keep wearing them. They are comfy, and snug, and you don't want to find something else, since new shoes always hurt your feet until you get used to them. (Chantele - Making Old Ideas New)


  1. Thanks, Christine. You're the best. You sure do know how to make me smile. :) I'm going to go check out some of the others listed.

  2. It must take you forever to find little snippets from different blogs! It's a great idea though, and I appreciate being led to read new blogs. Thanks for the time and effort that goes into it!

  3. I always enjoy reading your Tuesday Tagalongs. Great idea!

  4. You're seriously too nice to me, Christine. But I love ya forever.

    I'm off to read some more blogs! Thanks for giving me such a great selection to choose from!

  5. Gotta love tagalong Tuesday! Great posts, as always.


  6. Thanks, Christine! You're so thoughtful! What a fun idea. I like reading the little snippets from other blogs. Makes me curious. I'll have to hop over and check them out.

  7. Great links as always Chris! Thanks!

  8. I love this idea! I also like how you put a quote about the post. :)