Jan 4, 2010

Tagalong Tuesday

I'm so happy to announce that Tagalong Tuesday is expanding. Instead of limiting myself to blogs posted in the past 48 hours, I'm going back even farther, until I find just the right random selection. So beware fellow bloggers. I just might be visiting your blog soon.

I hope you enjoy my selection today. I had a lot of fun reading what you're all up to out there. Don't forget to leave the victims of my quotation thievery a comment on their blogs--and on mine too, if you'd like. I love reading comments.

Not wanting to crush his wonderfully innocent idea of the world in one fatal blow, I proceeded carefully. "Only girls grow up to be princesses. You're a boy. In fact, you're a strong, handsome little boy." (Lori Conger - Princesses, Tutu's and Pink Nail Polish, How Far Do We Let This Go?)

Finally I sucked in what might be my last breath and took that three foot death defying leap. The water sucked me under but my teacher pulled me spluttering and gasping to shore. (Jane Still - Taking the Plunge)

Mostly I try not to get too grandiose in my "plans" - because nothing works against my balance like the chuck-load of personal disappointment that always follows Me not Doing What I Say I'll Do. (Becca Wilhite - Balance)

For example, in reference to the trunk of a car, some call it the trunk and others call it the boot. Face it, that could get confusing if you actually have boots in the boot. (C.L. Beck - Words...By C.L.Beck)

We want to give you a boost toward achieving your dreams! (Bethany Wiggins & Suzette Saxton - ...Wicked, Awesome, Prizes Contest)

Looking at yourself, and truly seeing ~ recognizing ~ who you are, may in fact turn everything you thought you knew about yourself on its head. And such a discovery can be terrifying. (Ali Cross - What is hidden within you?)

Yep, I took a geology class in college so that I could identify ingredients in my hand lotion. (Marta Smith - Oooh, Shiny!)

And last, but certainly not least, a little comedy relief from none other than...Tristi Pinkston in her post called...
This Little Piggie.

Thanks to everyone that let me quote their blog. Don't forget to join me next week for somemore great blogging.