Jan 4, 2010

Music Monday

I'm dedicating today's song to my son. This is his favorite song and I hear it constantly, but still like it. Enjoy!!

"Fireflies" By Owl City

This video kept starting by itself, so I've replaced it with the URL. If you'd like to watch the official vidio, click on the link below.


However, my writing friend, Jordan, sent me this wonderful ASL signing video of the song. You've got to see this!!!


  1. I love that song! I love that whole album. =]

  2. I love that song! Thank you so much.

  3. Don't know why but I can't hear it. What is it?

  4. Confession: over the weekend, two of my sisters, my mom and I video taped ourselves performing this song in ASL (the translation created by Stephen Torrence; only one of us actually knows some sign).

    I'm supposed to slap this on YouTube.

  5. Jordan, I LoVEd your video! It was like singing and dancing and signing and everything all at once. :o)

    Me and my kids love this song, too. In fact, I had to play it at least 5 times on the way to the doctor's office and back. Every once in a while, I try to listen to something else, but they only have ears for Owl City right now. LOL!

  6. After watching some more of Stephen Torrences's videos on YouTube, I now realize that I was confused about who was who. :-D Anyway, thanks for sharing that video, Christine! I'm really intrigued with ASL lately; we have the deaf branch in our building, so at Stake Conferences and such, they have someone signing everything up on the big screen through the whole meeting. I especially love to watch them sign the songs.