Jan 6, 2010

Writing Wednesday

"It's A Mystery"

Last night I posted a request on Facebook for a list of random, unrelated items. I had a ton of people respond with all kinds of unusual things. Now to put those to use.

Today, I'd like to do a writing exercise. I'm going to list several of the items and I want each of you to use as many of them as you can in creating a story. That's one, continuous story, not a bunch of little ones. You can write as much as you want, but you might want to limit it to a couple paragraphs. I will end the story (if that is possible and if someone hasn't killed off all the characters) on Saturday night.

Lets make it a Murder Mystery with some suspense. If you want a romantic interest, that's fine. It's your story. The first person to post a comment gets to give it a title and pick 1st or 3rd person. Just make sure you stick with the same point of view throughout. You can post more than once, just try to let one or two others contribute between them. I will try to keep the used items in red. Okay, then. Here is your list:

carpet mites
belly button lint
a tooth
crab apple
old chunky '90s cell phone
Mayan calendar round
gummy bear
a broken VCR
one flip flop
car battery
water bottle
The Wii
chocolate ice cream
dirty underwear
lottery ticket
back scratcher
chocolate covered cherries
British Cheddar Cheese
Albert Einstein

There ya go. Now get to work and have fun creating a great story. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


  1. Fun!

    Title: Little Terror

    When it comes to some things—okay, a lot of things—I'm not a detail person. But I'd always hoped that if it came down to a murder investigation, I'd be able to put the pieces together—at least fast enough to stay out of danger. But that wasn't quite how it happened.

    My husband had retreated to the garage, ostensibly to repair the VCR. But you know how garages are: he was probably lost somewhere between the car batteries and my cell phone from 1996. No, wait. That's where we keep the unicycle.

    He returned about three hours sooner than from most garage expeditions, with pliers in his hand. He held them up—inside the jaws was a single tooth. Human. Adult.

    I raised an eyebrow. "Taking up self-dentistry?"

    "Where did this come from?"

  2. "I don't know but I'm headed for the attic to see what the last tenants left us. Maybe I'll find a clue about the owner of the tooth. See you in a while."

    Dragging a dusty trunk from the corner, I started sneezing as carpet mites danced skyward. Inside the trunk, on the top layer, were a book about Albert Einstein, a zombie with a needle piercing his arm and a sticky gummy bear. Lifting an old newspaper that was used to separate the layers, I found ...

  3. Thanks for participating ladies. Wish we would have had more so we could end the story. Perhaps I'll try this again in a month or so.