Oct 9, 2008

What's In a Name?

I'm rethinking the titles of my three book series. They were as follows:

"Taming the Heart"
"Healing the Heart"
"Deceiving the Heart"

However, I've decided to call the collection of novels: "The Tiger Heart" Series and have changed their titles to:

"Kindred Spirits"
"Broken Spirits"
"Rescued Spirits"

I think this better describes what each book is about and also ties the three books together. I know if I ever get them published that the names may be changed, but at least I have a good working title for each book and am happy with them.

Here is an small axerpt from "Broken Spirits".

I stepped closer to where I’d heard the sound and there he was. He was completely transformed, far more horrifying than I’d remembered. Even his facial features were slightly mutated. He was in pain.
I put my hand to my mouth and gasped. “Octavion, what have they done to you.” I stepped closer, but he came at me, his teeth reflecting the light that was in the room. He took in a deep breath and the fire in his eyes intensified. He pulled against the chains with so much force, one of them snapped, sending rock and mortar flying into the air.
“You’re . . . bleeding, Kira.” This time he looked at me and smiled—a sinister expression across his face. He lowered his head, arched his back and sprang at me. I jumped back and took off running toward the stairs. Luka appeared in front of me, also transformed from the smell of my blood. He grabbed me around the waist and yanked me out of the room. I closed my eyes and screamed. The violence of traveling with him was terrifying and painful. I’d heard Octavion say he rarely traveled through a structure because it caused discomfort. Extreme pain was a better description.
When we finally arrived, Luka threw me to the ground and disappeared. I was somewhere in the village. I was in the dark and I was alone. I barely had the strength to pull myself up and stand. There were no lights on in the windows and no sounds. I backed up against the wall of one of the houses, wrapped my arms around my torso and began to shake.
“Kira?” I heard a whisper. “Is that you?” A small figure appeared in front of me. “Ussay.” I leaped into her arms and began to sob. “He’s chained up. They chained him up.”
“I know,” she whispered. “Come with me Kira. We must be very quiet.” She led me to a doorway that opened up into a small room. A single candle was burning in the far corner where an older woman was sitting in a chair. “This is my mother, Narrisa.”
She pulled me into the center of the room and motioned for me to sit on the edge of the bed. The entire house was one room and it was small. The only two windows in the entire structure were on either side of the door. They were covered with a thick black cloth. There was a small fireplace opposite the only bed, but there was no fire. It was black and cold.
“Why is it so dark?” I asked.
“Shh, whisper, Kira. They will feed soon and we don’t want to attract them.”

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  1. Yikes! You certainly leave us hanging at the end there!