Sep 17, 2008

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Okay, I am throwing this question out there for everyone. Do you believe in ghosts? I'm talking about everything from Aunt Betty appearing to her husband of 50 years to the kind that haunt the abandoned mansion at the end of the street. I guess I should be saving this for closer to Halloween, but I have a friend that thinks her house is haunted and it just got me to thinking about it, so give me your two cents worth.


  1. I believe there are spirits among us. My mom has some pretty good stories about a house she lived in. My kids and I used to joke that the house we lived in was haunted. Most of the time we were just kidding around, but sometimes I wondered.

  2. Yup, I do. I believe pretty much all of it is possible. I've had some pretty wild experiences myself. So yep ... I do!

  3. Absolutely, wouldn't live without 'em. I love ghost stories to smithereens. I used to get invited to sleep over parties just because I could tell some whoppers. October is one of my favorite months just because the stories on television lean toward the halloweenish side.