Aug 24, 2008

And the Winner Is . . .

The results are finally in for the Contest in Creativity. Thanks to all those that entered. It was a difficult decision. Below are the individual winners for each picture. The winner of the 2GB Flash Drive was determined by putting those names in a hat and letting my son pick a winner.

And the winner is:
Cathy Witbeck - The Light - Picture #2

Here are the individual winners:

Picture #1 - Strange Love - Randy McNeely

Oh my dear prince! What do I do?
For now you smell like skunky pooh!

Where hugging you was once such fun,
Your scent now makes me want to run.

How can I ever think to marry,
Somebody who smells so scary?

Before our honeymoon was done,
I might go looking for a gun.

No, my dear prince, it will not do,
I must, my love, now part with you.

To do so, though, will break my heart;
So now I’ve come back to the start.

Oh my dear prince! What do I do?
For now you smell like skunky pooh!

Picture #2 - The Light - Cathy Witbeck

The cavern is cool.
My heart is cold.
Darkness fills my soul.

Then light breaks through,
Could it be hope?
Will there be someone to hold?

My fingers are warm.
Light touches my soul.
Hope reaches my heart at last.

Picture #3 - Shadows Over Red - Maure Albert

My pride presumptuously playing,
No thought
of Eternal design.
Now strong shame shackles,
for Everlasting mercy.

Thanks again for everyone that entered my contest. You can see the pictures in the post below.

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  1. I never got around to entering. Ooops! Congrats to the winners!!