Jun 17, 2015

When Trust is Broken

A couple weeks ago I started searching for someone to mow our rather large lawn and possibly to take on a few small repairs around our property. There were several big outfits that sounded good, but my husband and I have always tried to support the little guy and help those just starting out. We were there once with our restaurant and appreciated the support from others, so try to pay it forward.  So, when I found a couple guys in their mid-twenties who were trying to support their new families with their new business, I took a leap of faith.

Their initial work was impeccable. Within a few days the place was looking great and their prices were reasonable. But the best part was that it freed my husband from one of the many chores he does along with working a lot of hours at our restaurant. Win. Win. Right?


Last week I asked these men if they'd be interested in repairing and painting our deck and painting the trim on our house. They were thrilled for the work, but asked if I'd mind paying them in advance so they could get a few supplies and such.  It should have been a red flag, but my trusting soul handed them a check.  They did come out the next day to start on the deck, but didn't follow any of the guidelines from the paint manufacturer. Didn't use the deck-wash we bought. Didn't use the power sprayer we left for them, just did a little sanding on the rail and threw a sloppy coat of paint on PART of the deck and then left.

It's been a week and I haven't heard a word. The owner's cell goes straight to voice mail. The check was cashed. And nobody showed up Friday for the scheduled lawn care.

Above and beyond the financial aspect of this transaction is my broken heart. I really liked these guys. One even showed me a picture of his sweet twin girls and spoke of how much he loved them. I trusted them completely and that isn't easy for me to do.

So, what's next? Do I just wait and see if they call with some excuse about an emergency and that they couldn't call me because they had no cell service? Do I give them another chance? I'm pretty sure I'll never see that money again, but do I trust someone else to do the work and pay AGAIN to have it done right? Or do I add even more pressure to my husband and expect him to fix this mess? It's been weighing so heavily on my mind and heart that I actually had a panic attack yesterday. Haven't had one of those for years.

So, dear reader. What should I do?

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  1. I believe in fighting for what's right. You have a few actions to take against them, including going to your bank and seeing if they'll reverse the payment for "non-service". Some do, not all though. Of course, without a signed agreement, it's hard to fight. However, there may be an implied contract, which could also benefit you.

    I agree with helping the "little guys". But the little guys need to keep respect and trust or they do not deserve business. It just baffles my mind that people would do this.

    Just my 2 cents.