Jun 12, 2015

Out With the Old, In With the New-ish

About two years ago I began the process of switching rooms with my son. He had a small room in the front of the house, while my office was in the largest bedroom in the back of the house. About half way through the process our kitchen flooded and the whole thing was put on hold, leaving both rooms disorganized and barely functional.

Not long after the kitchen was fixed (which took three months), I got sick and the last thing I wanted to do was heft boxes around and move furniture. With my husband's help, my son's room was finally finished a few months before he moved out on his own (figures). But it's taken me quite some time to feel like diving back into my office project, which looked and felt like an overcrowded storage room with a hole cut into the center for my computer. 

That is until I saw this little piece of inspiration for sale at a nearby boutique. It's a rescued piano that's been made into a desk. YES, a DESK!!  Who wouldn't want to write the great American novel while surrounded by such beauty and ambiance?

So, I put it on layaway and began carving out room for it in my cluttered excuse for an office. That was the plan. Just a space for the new desk. But once I started, I couldn't stop, and now the whole space is organized and WONDERFUL.

It took me three months to pay it off and a pretty penny to hire a couple guys to deliver it (still has the cast iron harp in it and weighs a ton). It took them over an hour to get it out of the trailer, up three steps and onto my deck. Then they had to turn it on it's side to get it through my office door. 

Here is, in all it's glory, right where it was always meant to be. Just seeing this picture brings tears to my eyes. It's SOOO ME, right down to the little white tiger watching over it. 

And I'm all ready to write. That's the best part.



So, what do you think??? Do you like it?


  1. That looks so amazing! and the fact that you will be writing again is great news. I loved The Crystor Series. Any idea what you will be writing about next?

    1. Thanks, Veray. Not sure about what's next to be published. I have several projects in the works, so we'll see which one pops out next. LOL