Sep 4, 2012

Pen Names - What the . . . ?

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I used to pretend I had another name when I was a kid. I had a couple of them, but the one I remember using the most was, Tami.

Tami Johnson- she was my alter ego, smart, pretty. She was very popular in my make believe world and everyone liked her.

Now that I'm grown up I find it a little strange to be thinking about that name and wondering if I should use it as a pen name. Or something totally different. It sounds too plain now and not at all romantic, which is how I need it to sound.

You see, along with my young adult novels, I also write adult romance. Nothing erotic or overly spicy, but still, I'd really like to keep it separate from the other genres I publish.

So what's an author to do? Pretend to be someone else by picking a name that has absolutely no reference to the name she was given at birth? Or choose some variation of her legal name?

My full name is Christine Kay Bryant. Weston is my maiden name, but I don't want to use it, so here are some variations I've considered.

Christine Bryant (boring)
Christa Kay (cute, but, not sure)
Christa Edwards (hubs name is Edward, would be cool, but . . . IDK)
Chrissie something (my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Chrissie or Chrisy, not sure how you'd spell it)

Aaaand that's all I got so far.

So, I'm up for ideas. What would be a good name for a romance author?  I'm even up for hearing the fun ones, like Loretta Love or Susie Sexton. ROFL!!


  1. Ooh, I love that pic you used in your post. Gorgeous!

    I love Christa Kay. But I think Christine Edwards would be nice too (I don't think vowels followed by vowels, but that's just me).

    Though, if anyone could pull off a name like Loretta Love, it would be you!

    Sorry I don't have any bright ideas of my own. Boo :(

  2. I like Christa Kay also. That's my fav.

  3. I like Christine Edwards...I'm with Ali on the vowel sounds. Did you use Christine on your others or the initials? If it's C. K. there, def use Christine--I always thought Christine was a very romantic-sounding name, even before I was introduced to Phantom.

  4. Why not Kay Christian or Kay Bryant? If you want your pen name closely associated with your established C.K. Bryant brand, Kay Bryant is close enough to be obvious, but different enough not to confuse fans (in print, anyway-if they speak your names that could be an issue).

  5. I rather like Christine Edwards, too. Good suggestion, Ali!

  6. I also like Christa or Christine Edwards. I think it's fun to use your husband's name!

  7. I think Christa Kay would be an awesome name for a romance writer.

  8. I'm going with Christa Kay. So cool!

  9. I'm going to bite my tongue and say Christine Edwards, that just sounds intense on its own... and if it's your husbands name... well.. romance novels would go well with it!

  10. I rather like Christine Edwards too. "Chrissy" sounds too young or teen-like, to me. Even K. Christine Edwards isn't bad. (or Kay Christine Edwards?) A lot of romance writers seem to have three names, or at least an initial. Have fun!

  11. This is a little hokey for me to suggest but....Christen Voile is an anagram for Christine Love. Or Tony Wakes is an anagram for: Kay Weston... or Oak Levy is an anagram for Love Kay...

  12. What about Kaylin Edwards

  13. I am not really a writer and do not know how important it is to you that Christine (or some form thereof) be part of the name, but I know a beautiful girl named Kyra (ker-ra). I have always really enjoyed saying it, reading it, and seeing her. So my suggestion would go for Kyra Something.
    Kyra Kay.....Kyra Byrant.....Kyra Edwards.....Kyra Johnson?
    Also just to let you know, I wouldn't be at all upset if Beloved was here in time for Christmas, just saying.

  14. How about Korista Edward??? Although I do like the Christa also!! Lol

  15. I think I like Christa Kay. I have a hard time remembering authors names and that would be easy to remember and catchy.

  16. Um... I actually kinda like Christa Edwards ( :

    This may be the totally sappy, I-write-YA-and-drool-over-totally-fictional-but-amazingly-gorgeous-teenage-boys-in-my-mind, buuuuut.... it kind of reminds me of dear Edward Cullen. And. Well.

    Come on.

    Romance. Edward? Yeah.

    A good association for a romance writer, I think ( :

  17. Love the kaylin edwards one!! Its very cute.