Aug 30, 2012

Dear Diary - Do You Journal?

When I was twelve I received a journal for Christmas. Not some flimsy little diary with a lock and key, but a full sized hardback journal filled with empty lined pages. I was in heaven. Lots of room to write my feelings and explore my inner thoughts.

For years I filled one book after another, all different sizes and colors, but all equally as important in discovering who I was and in giving my muse a place to create.

Then I began to take my writing more seriously and technology came into my life. My first computer soon became my best friend and I found that writing in my journal took a back seat to creating stories and interacting with friends online.

And blogging . . .

Now, I'm not even sure where my journal is half the time and I'm lucky to fill one small volume in five years instead of a couple months.

Lately, I've been missing it. If you read the recent post I wrote on distancing myself from an abusive family member, you'll know my emotions have been on high alert. Not having an outlet for that has been hard. Maybe it's time to dust off my old friend and start pouring myself out on the blank pages again.


Cheap therapy.

An old friend who keeps my secrets.

Proof to my posterity that I lived and experienced turmoil in my life as well as joy and love.

It's time.

Do you journal? I'd love to hear about why you like it, or why you don't.


  1. I've attempted journal-ing before, but I found it weird, writing down my feelings. It gave a strange feeling inside me so I stopped. I read over what I wrote months after and it sometimes makes me cringe how pathetic I felt back then. Not sure I want to remember such memories. If I feel a certain emotion, I just write a poem about it. I don't read it again after that but it is filed in my computer.

  2. Yes! For many years it was very sporadic, but a few years ago I decided that I would write in my journal on Sundays as my writing for that day. It's worked really well and I'm so glad I have that record of my life and my family.

  3. I don't anymore, but I used to, sort of. Instead of journalling about my life I did so from a characters POV. What can I say, I was odd even as a child. It is a great way to work through things though. Hmm, maybe I should start...

  4. I used to journal when I first joined the church as a teenager. I've kept one on and off since then. For the most part, my blogging has become my journal. Although, there are a lot of things I experience that are too personal to put out there for the world to see. So maybe I should take it up again.

    My hubby writing in his journal every Sunday. Sometimes more often, but at least each Sunday. He's super consistent and has been doing it for as long as I've known him. =)

  5. I have always turned to writing in a journal when I am filled with turmoil. It's my way of expressing myself and getting it all out. A lot of what I've been through I don't feel comfortable talking about with other people, so I write. I wish I was better about keeping a daily journal, that way I'd have record of all of lifes happy moments too.