Apr 21, 2012

S . . . Spies

I'm thrilled to focus today's post on Laura Pauling, author of A Spy Like Me. Laura is a fellow Indelible and has quickly become a great friend. Here's a little info about her book.

Danger. Romance. The Eiffel Tower. First dates. Betrayal. A nefarious pastry chef and a seventeen-year-old girl named Savvy Bent. Those are some words I would use to sum up my debut YA novel, A Spy Like Me. I know, I know. Spies don’t live a glorious life. At times their lives are probably very ordinary and boring. But I love the romantic unrealistic views of spies. The jumping out of airplanes. The threat of death at every turn. The romance. (Sigh) But it’s about more than that. I love writing fantastical stories and grounding them in human emotion. When Savvy dodges bullets on her first date in Paris, she must sneak, deceive and spy to save her family and friends and figure out if Malcolm is the bad guy before she completely falls for him.

  A Spy Like Me: Stripping your date down to his underwear has never been so dangerous.

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Do you have a favorite spy? Or spy novel? Or movie?

Laura Pauling writes about spies, murder and mystery. A Spy Like Me, her YA debut novel is available now. Her short story, The Almost Assassin, appeared in the In His Eyes Anthology and is free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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  1. Thanks Christine for having me! My favorite spy stories are the Ally Carter series and Gemma Halliday's Spying in High Heels! :)

  2. For me there has been no better stories than the James Bond series. But maybe I am just burned out on spies, vampires and zombies all the time. lol

  3. Thank you Christine for the recommendation. I just purchased, A Spy Like Me. It sounds awesome. I also tweeted about my purchase and shared it on google plus. I am looking forward to reading it on my Kindle. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Broken. Congratulations to you Christine and for the intro to Laura Pauling.