Mar 25, 2012

New Look!

As you can see, my blog has a new look. When I first started blogging, I named my blog "Day Dreamer." I loved the name because it suit me. I AM a Day Dreamer!!!

Somewhere along the line, I think when I decided I didn't need to manage both a website and a blog, I deleted to go with my author name, C.K.Bryant.  While it looked more professional, it really didn't reflect my personality.

In preparation for the cover reveal of my new book, BROKEN, I've decided to change the header and the style of my blog and take back it's original name. For me it's like going home and I really needed a place to go that's familiar and friendly.


What do you think? Like the changes?


  1. I love the new look! It just goes to show us that yes, we have to be professional in this business, but if we lose ourselves, what's the point?

    This is still a very professional looking blog, but its you. We can tell.

  2. I definitely like the new look. Especially the cathedral looking building on the header :)

  3. Wow I LOVE the new look! :) I think the fact that you are being true to your personality shows that you are definitely "finding yourself". It seems to me you are making progress and changes since your last blog post!! The new header is beautiful and it really captivates my attention! Great choice =)

  4. This looks great!! Nice work, though I must admit I don't remember what it looked like before.