Apr 15, 2011

Random Things About . . . ME!

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And what a perfect day to talk about

I thought it might be fun to give you a list of my favorites.
So bare with me.

Genre: Romance
Author: Catherine Anderson
Color: Pink
Outfit: Blue jeans and a T-shirt
Shoes: NONE
Veggie:  Spinach
Meat: Chicken
Snack: Popcorn w/butter
Candy: Twizzlers

Okay, now I'm hungry. :-(

Movie: A Man From Snowy River
Song: Too many to list
Decor:  Shabby Chic
Season: Spring
Time of day: Evening
Place: Mountains
Game: Monopoly

Friend: YOU

 What are some of your favorites?  Do we have anything in common?


  1. I LOVE The Man From Snowy River!! I really thought I was the only one!

    My favorite shoes are my sandals but I love the mountains very, very much.

  2. Spinach, Chicken and too many songs to list.

    I love all shoes and I not only love the sea, I need it.

  3. Heck yes, we have tons in common. And I agree with Ann on the all shoes and also needing the sea. Except I love to be barefooted too. Not strange at all.

  4. Pink, no shoes, chicken, we do have a lot in common! This alphabet thing is really cool! I love the random subjects!

  5. Ah, I love Man From Snowy River! Fun to find out more about you. :)