Apr 14, 2011

Love . . . of a Sort

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"L" as in LOVE,

but not that special love for a spouse, friend or family member.

Not today.

The kind of love I'm talking about is the love of an object. Not because it's expensive or cool or makes you look like "all that" driving down the road. The love of something precious, something that reminds you of a special day in your life or of a person you hold dear to your heart.

I have just such an object.

This is my glass horse.

It was all I could do to take it out of the display case to snap a shot of it this morning.
I'm not a material kinda a gal, but my horse is the ONE item I own that I would truly cry over if it was broken or stolen. Why?  Because it's the only thing my father ever gave me--alone--without my mom's prodding or help. 

One summer, when I was about twelve, my parents took a trip to Mexico and while they were there they toured of a glass blowing factory. My father saw this horse, thought of ME, bought it and brought it home. My mother didn't think I should have something so fragile. Why spend money on something I'll just break. But my dad wouldn't hear it. 

THIS was meant to be MY horse.

And honestly, I'd never been a huge horse fan. Never owned one. Never collected them. Nothing. But for some reason my father thought of me when he saw it. I'd like to think it's because I'm a free spirit, that maybe he saw something in it that he saw in me. Something wild and spirited. Considering that our relationship had never been that great, it spoke volumes. Maybe he was trying to say something through this gift that he could never express in words. Or maybe it's just a dumb glass horse. Either way, I've treasured it throughout the years and display it in my home as a token of my father's love for me. It will always have a place of honor.

What is your most treasured possession? Why does it mean so much to you?


  1. I don't directly own my most tresured thing, but I love it none the less. What I love is nature.
    Thanks for sharing and asking me to share.

  2. That is truly a treasure. My mother gave me a gold bangle many moons. I had coveted a gold bangle for years before receiving it. I still have it, but what do I cherish most today, the box the bangle came in. My mother wrote in inside the box, "Everything comes to those who wait. You my dear girl just have to wait and wait and wait and for that you are much loved" To me that boxlid is priceless.

  3. My mother gave me her old butter mold. It had been handcarved by her great-grandfather. I hold it and think of all the women in my family line. Good post!