Mar 30, 2011

Random Things About . . . ME!

I'm starting a new series today called, "Random Things About . . . ME! 
Each week I will tell all my AWESOME followers (that would be YOU) something fun about myself that not very many people know.
I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know me a little better.  

So here goes!

Breathe deeply!


Isn't that crazy?

And the worst thing about that is that I don't even have any. 
Not ONE.
But I want them in a bad way.

I used to go to auctions with my husband, but the really nice vintage suitcases always went for so much more than I could afford.  Here's some fun things to do with them.

They'd make an awesome table. Just add a lamp or a few candles and VOILA!
Absolute cuteness!

Here's another.

Isn't this adorable. You could stack them at the end of a bed like this or near a crib to keep blankets in or clothes the baby isn't quit big enough to fit in yet. 

Oh, and here's one more thing I like.

Vintage Trunks!

I actually have one of these, but I don't have a decent picture of it. This is close and I hope to use mine as a coffee table someday, but for now it's in my bedroom being all beautiful in the corner.

So, there you have it.

Now you know something about me that's fun.

What is something you like, but don't have many of?
What do you collect?


  1. Those ARE beautiful! I love them too. Are they really that expensive? I mean, I guess they would be ... I can totally see YOU in this style. :)

  2. I love this segment! I like vintage trunks and suitcases too, but I don't have any cool ones. When I was a teen I loved the old AMC movies, and the glamour of the 50s and 60s.

  3. I forgot to answer your question. What do I like but don't have many of? Real, vintage canisters to decorate my kitchen shelves. Like real flour or sugar tins from the mid 1900s.

    I collect books. I have a nice collection of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks. The other thing I collect a lot of is dust, some of it nearly vintage.

  4. Love these pictures - they're gorgeous!

  5. Those pictures were great! I too love vintage suitcases but I don't have any either. If I did, I'd fill them with books because I collect books and am always in need of places to put them.

  6. Awesome! Hopefully you can find some you can buy for your own decorating use someday! :) I collect harps. Besides my big one that I play, I have lots of little tiny decorative ones. Whenever I go on vacation I always find a little harp to bring home. I also collect hardcover books. Love them. :)

  7. I was once engaged to a guy that got me started collecting thimbles. He just kept giving them to me. When I got married to someone else--whew!--I started collecting stitcheries. When I had kids, I started collecting cookie cutters and Wilton cake pans. During college, I collected spiritual stories. I also have almost every wedding invitation I've ever received in a scrapbook. That's fun! Of course, I have books, and lots of magazine articles on diet, since I've always wanted to write a diet book! That said, I've been in a major de-cluttering mode for the last couple of years. It's hard, but must be done! Love ya, Christine. Fun post!

  8. Awesome pictures! Never thought you could use trunks or suitcases in so many ways. I collect different monopolies. I have 10 different versions of it from scooby doo to ruldolph. I even have a 1940's vintage edition.

  9. Ooh. I love that as a coffee table. =D That's a super interesting fact about you, Christine! I don't know that I collect things but I love old books. My sister brought me home a rare leather book from India that was filled with traditional Indian fairy tales. I LOVE it.

  10. Those are gorgeous! Plus, imagine what you might find tucked away in a pocket...

  11. How fun! I love to collect friends. :D But something that I can tuck away and store, ummm, art supplies. Thanks for sharing you!

  12. Ooh I love those! My parents have a few. I love vintage and antique things like that. One of my favorites are vintage hats. You know, the old fashioned kind they wear in older movies that you could never pull off today?

    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog today.

    And if you're wondering why I never comment on your blog, this is one of the first times blogger has let me do it. I don't know why it does it, but I do read all your posts :)

  13. I had no idea! I think they look awesome!

  14. I love the suitcases pictured. I secretly would love to have a world-traveler themed living room with a globe, old maps, and vintage suitcases.

  15. Mandie, I LOVE Monopoly!! I have a few games myself. Thanks for sharing that with me.

    I think I got the rest of you directly through email, but wanted to say thanks again for hanging out on my blog.


  16. I think that is so cool! I wish I could help you start a collection! What a cool think to love!

  17. Oh, I love old trunks!! I've found a few I love in antique stores, but they're either out of my price range or too beat up to justify purchase. But one day I WILL get one, and I'd love to use it as a coffee table just like in the photo.

    My secret obsession is birds. So far I've managed to keep my collection small, as I'm fairly picky about what kind of bird figurines I like, but I also have a cast iron bird candle holder...a soap dish...several pictures...not to mention my three bird feeders outside my office windows. :)

  18. That was fun. I didn't know that about you. They are very cool.

  19. I love vintage luggage, too! This might be terribly enabler-y of me, but you can find some nice ones on etsy...

    I LOVE this trainset. My grandma had an olive green one identical to it, and I wanted it, but she gave it to DI, the stubborn woman. Le sigh...