Jul 19, 2010


It's funny how I think that everything I write on my blog needs to be profound or, at the very least, entertaining. I've gotten to the point where I can't find anything at all to write about because my life is too ordinary and boring. I sit here for hours wondering what to write about and nothing comes. I try to gain inspiration from reading other blogs and still NOTHING.

So, I've decided to just throw out whatever is on my mind at the moment. Today that means CLUTTER. Some have the clutter of life on their minds which keeps them from writing and I have clutter in my office. Oh, man . . . do I have clutter in my office. So before I write another word on my novel, I have to clean and organize.

I've been spending the last two days cleaning out my office. It wouldn't be so bad (or at least that's what I tell myself) if it weren't also my library, craft room, sewing room, scrapbook room and general "throw it in there if you can't find somewhere else to put it" room. What a mess!

In the process of cleaning, I've also been organizing everything. I have all my books in catagories on the shelves. All my blank notebooks and writing paper organized on another and my reference books at arms length. I've also sent 5-6 big garbage bags to the dumpster and have a pile in my garage ready for Deseret Industries. I think I'm doing pretty good.

As I move closer and closer to the dreaded closet, I realize how much stuff I've hoarded "just in case I might need it someday."  How do you part with things like that? I mean, who wouldn't save that beautiful picture frame, even though it's broken. I just might fix it some day. It will look nice in the box on the shelf with the 25 other picture frames I have stored there.

And then there's a box for everything. For some reason I think I need to save the box everything came in. Why? I certainly don't need the box my hand mixer came in, especially since I don't have that mixer anymore. I know what you're thinking--I'm a hoarder, right?  Ahem . . . well, maybe with some things, but the truth is, my house is pretty clean. I hate clutter, which is why it all filters back into this one room. UGH!

So, just for kicks and giggles, tell me about your embarrassing spot in the house. Is it a closet? The garage? The shed? Or is it under your bed? Or under the sink in your kitchen? I'd really love to know I'm not alone.

Back to cleaning. I've got to get this done so I can sit at my computer and dream up something else that needs my attention. Am I avoiding my novel?  Nah!


  1. We have a room like that. It's the guest room / play room. Except, you can't really walk in there, let alone play. And if a guest came to stay, well, I'd need a good, solid day to shovel it out. Ick. I prefer to not think about it though. If I pretend the mess isn't there, it might just go away. Right? Good luck getting your office organized.

  2. You are very much NOT alone.

    The embarrassing spot in my house is a bit bigger than a "spot" but I am pleased to say that no one knows it's there unless I tell them. After my stroke and being unable to thoroughly clean my own home for two years - I was so far beyond fed-up when I finally recovered that I tossed and pitched and D.I.'ed so much stuff. I learned in those two years how much of those things I was never going to need again - I would never fix the broken picture frames or paint the charming shelf unit - never sew the pillow shams with fabric from my mother's chair or repair the fairy wings on the figurine I got from? Who did I get that from, anyway?

    I packed it all way - every delectable piece of flotsam until I was down to very little clutter-ability in this house . . . but . . . there is always an embarrassing "spot".

    For me it is a camel back steamer trunk from the turn of the century - prominently situated against the wall in the dining room. It is full to the tippy-top of the camel's hump with paperwork, cast-off Christmas tree lights, mail order catalogs, paper copies of on-line bills, silk flower stems, recipe booklets, fabric samples, broken eyeglasses, old checkbooks and - who-knows-what- all.

    The only saving grace is that no one has ever asked me to show them the inside of the trunk. But, because you showed me yours - if you asked - I would show you mine.

  3. The embarrassing spot in my house is my office/husband's office/guest room/catch all. We must all have a room where things get thrown when their home is in question. It sure slows me up when it gets too cluttered, becuase then I just have to clean it instead of work. So you are definitely not alone. And you've inspired me to go throw out a few boxes I no longer need. :)

  4. I have two rooms and to be honest only one of them is my responsibility. My littlest sons room is allways a mess with clothes papers and toys. And I find it hard to get in there and clean it because I could easily spend EVERY OTHER day completely mucking it out. I really need to go in there and DI everything. Even their clothes until there's only a few things left in there.
    The other is the laundry/storage room that seems to ooze out into my office. This is the put it there if you can't find a place rooms and it's frustrating.
    Believe it or not, I have two closets in this house for general use. One linnen closet downstairs away from EVERYTHING its completely useless, and one TINY coat closet upstairs. Whoever built this home was utilitarian to the core, and probably a guy. LOL.

  5. Hey, I haven't dropped by for a while. I love what you've done to your blog. I loved it before, but this looks very nice. As for your office, wow! I need to get motivated and clean mine as well. I like your weights on your book shelf. That's better then mine that are tucked under my bed. ;)

  6. I'm sad to admit that my embarrassing spot is my bedroom. Any time someone comes over that is the place that everything gets thrown. We have a path from the door to our bed and that is the only part of the floor you can see. Now I feel I need to go clean.