Mar 13, 2010

No More Excuses, Just Get it Done!

I seem to be able to find all kinds of excuses lately why not to write. Some are genuine, like taking care of my family and fulfilling important obligations, but then there are those silly little things that seem to occupy my day and turn hours of what could be valuable writing time into wasted day dreaming. Yes, I think a certain amount of day dreaming is necessary, especially if I'm in the creative process of writing, but once I have the idea in my head, I should be filling the page.

Part of my procrastination is laziness and I'm happy to admit that I recognize it and have tried to fix it, but dang if I don't just sit and twiddle my thumbs sometimes, doing absolutely nothing.

Something else that keeps me from writing is my fear of failure. There I said it. Or rather, wrote it. You may say to yourself that you are NOT afraid of failure, and that may be true, but something I've discovered lately is that I may actually be even more afraid of success. So, what's up with that? Are you afraid of success? Of putting yourself out there? The past few days I've seen friends go through a whole gamut of emotions as their books have been reviewed by their peers. I think if it were me, I'd be a nervous wreck, not knowing if my words would be well accepted or just merely tolerated so not to hurt my feelings. UGH!!

And then there's my internal editor. I can't seem to get one paragraph written without the guy (yes he's a guy) rearing his ugly head, wanting a piece of my work. I've managed to barricade him in the other room, but his voice is still screaming loud and clear. No way can I get everything in my head down on paper with him yapping away next door.

So, I'm curious. Do you procrastinate? If so, how do you turn things around so you can write. And if you're one of the rare who do NOT procrastinate, please tell me your secret.

Here's a cute video I thought I'd share with you. It made me laugh (while I was procrastinating writing this blog).


  1. Its me, that video was about me. How did they know. Its nice to know that Im not the only one that has this problem. I have a really loud editor and mine is a man as well.

  2. I will never ever see the word PROCRASTINATION the same again! Here's why:

    Sunday, in Relief Society, our teacher gets up to talk about what she is about to teach us. She goes on a for minute about stuff {with no indication what the lesson is about} then says 'We're going to learn about the art of..." and she stops there and begins writing out the word on the chalk board. P R O C R...

    I yell out " We're learning about the art of PROCREATION?!!!"

    I seriously thought that was what she was about to write! The whole R.S. busted out in laughter....and the teacher finishes the word: PROC... RASTINATION, as she is giggling. I also said, "I should be the one teaching the class if it's on Procreation!" lol!

    The word PROCRASTINATION makes me laugh now!

    BTW- I need to put this on my blog. It's too funny to tell the world. hehe

  3. I'm a huge procrastinator, especially when I have a speaking engagement coming up. If I don't think about it, I won't get nervous!
    With my writing, I have to set goals and write them on the calendar by my desk so I'm forced to look at them every day - 1000 words a day or 20 pages revision, but the big one - under 30 minutes on the Internet. That's the one I break most often!

  4. Excellent post. It is frightening to think of succeeding. It's like opening a door to a strange new world.

  5. For me, I don't even think it's just a matter of making excuses for not writing, it's more a sin of ommission. Not that it's a sin for me to not write, but more that I'm not using my time (or talents) as effectively as I should.

    Fear of success is definitely a legitimate thing. Every so often, I'll get this wave of panic as I rediscover the fact that people I know will be able to read my stuff when I'm published. That can be scary when you spend so much time living in your own head!

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  6. Great blog. I fritter my time. I know what I need to do but I like to play. I haven't got my stride yet but I will. If you want a GREAT book to read check out Remembering Wellness by Carol Tuttle. Isn't it delightful that we are so complex. Oh the possibilities :)Now on to writing...

  7. I think I am more afraid of success than failure. Failure I can do (and seem to do pretty well) but success? That has me running for the hills.

  8. I think we all procrastinate to some degree. And fear can play a big role in it. To help me stay on course I set goals and make lists. Seems once I've written it down I feel obliged to do it.
    And yes, it is tough to receive a bad review on a book that is out there. EVERY writer will at some time experience a bad review because we can't please everyone. That's just the way of it. BUT it's the good reviews and the heartfelt fan letters that keep you going.
    Keep working on it, Christine. You have so much to share with the world. :)

  9. I'm dumb! The second comment from Jade was actually from me. I was logged on her blog helping her with links and stuff and forgot to my account before I left my comment! *BLUSHING*

    The first comment from Jade was from the real Jade. haha