Mar 31, 2010

HELP! I'm stuck in a box!

Holy Cow! It seems I spend more time sitting at my computer trying to come up with something creative and fun to write about, than I do actually writing the post for my blog. I'm so totally drained of ideas, it's not even funny. So, I need your help. Give me some ideas. You can ask me a personal question, give me a subject to write about or even ask me something writerly. If I don't have the answers, I will find someone who does and ask them to visit my blog for a day and teach us something. I'm certainly not doing a lot of that lately. Sheesh!

So, give me your best shot. What would you like me to write about?


  1. You know what I do? Watch movies and TV shows, and then see if I can twist or mix things around to come up with something new and original., I have discovered, is great for this. For example, my wife showed me a clip from an old episode of Remington Steele, and based on that clip, I molded something that they did in the show to fit inside my current YA fantasy novel. They aren't even related, but the concept works! You can also read books and short stories too, but I'm one of those visual learner types. It's faster for me.

  2. You are actually pretty smart to spend more time on your book. =) Here's a question for you. What kind of plot twists do you like to add to your storyline to keep it interesting?

  3. You know what I do? I start reading. Reading tons. It helps me get ideas. Not copying, but ideas with style, time period and stuff and then I just write for fun.

    Try writing in a different genre just to loosen things up. That can be super fun too. Play around with an adult suspense or a futuristic YA. It gets the juices flowing again and makes writing fun after you feel like it's become work. You know?

  4. Christine, I would like you to write about things that really matter to you--even if they have nothing whatsoever to do with writing. Your wisdom and knowledge of life is valuable to me.

    Also, I gave you an award on my blog today. Come see!


  5. I've been feeling the same way as you have about my blog. Yes, I have tons of things stored to write about, but I guess I shouldn't underestimate myself, cuz it makes me feel bad. I agree with Nichole, you are a well of knowledge! :D

  6. It can be hard coming up with blog ideas, but I have always found your interesting. Could you write about what authors and books have influenced you or when you decided to become a writer?

  7. My best friend died last year. An australian shephard names Adrian. I miss her more than I can admit to any person, even other dog lovers.

    I want to write about how I feel, or at least face it, but I can't seem to stay focused on her for very long. I just get sad.

    Maybe you could write about that?