Feb 7, 2010

Something To Lift You Up

As I struggle to succeed in the writing world, I'm often faced with thoughts of depression and doubt. I want to know what the future brings and why, when things seemed to be going well for me, it was suddenly cut short and a new path was laid out before me to follow. A path of uncertainty. A path with no time frame or structure. I also find that I'm having to exercise more faith in my Father in Heaven, leaving certain details of my future in his hands. Faith is sometimes the most difficult for me.

As I was looking for a video to put on my blog I found "Come What May and Love It" by Joseph B. Wirthlin. Listen carefully to the "Principle of Compensation." It seemed to ring true to me and filled my heart with the hope that there are yet bigger and better things out there for me. I hope you find comfort in what Elder Wirthlin had to say.

***For some reason, the video embed code wasn't working. Please go HERE to watch this powerful message. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Crying like a baby over here.

    Thank you for sharing that. My soul needed it today.

  2. That was beautiful!! Loved it! I love Elder Wirthlin. Thanks for sharing. Mormon Messages are awesomely inspiring.

  3. Oh man, I couldn't get the video to work for me :( BUT I remember that talk and i LOVED it. Elder Wirthlin has always been a favorite of mine.

  4. The video wasn't working, but I remember the talk and loved it! Thanks for the reminder about it.