Feb 11, 2010

Do Ya Love Me? CONTEST

Thanks to all my loyal followers and friends
I'm having a GREAT contest just to say

Here's how to enter:
If you're already a follower, you get 5 points
If you bring a friend and get him/her to be a follower, you get 5 points
AND your friend gets 5 points.
That's it, easy right?

For each point, you get a chance to win, so the more friends you share with me and talk into becoming a follower on my blog,
the better chance you have of winning.

Now here's what you can win.

A $20 Gift Card to:



A $20 Gift Certificate to:

If you don't have a consultant near you, click HERE and mine would be happy to take your order.
You can pick what kind of crock you want and your own scent.

Told you it was a great prize.

So bring your friends over, get them to become a follower and then leave a comment below and tell me who your friend is.

I will tally all the points after the deadline
(February 28, 2010 @ midnight MT)
and post the winner here on March 1st.

So, you decide . . . Do Ya Love Me?


  1. Very fun contest! My powers of persuasion are nil, but I do think you rock!

  2. I will follow you...follow you where ever you may go...
    Some scentcy would be oh-so nice,
    I don't even have to think twice!
    I can't stay away.

  3. Wow, you're just the contest queen, aren't ya? Fun ideas.


  4. I love you and would love to win some Scentsy. I'm already a follower.