Feb 10, 2010

Contest Ideas Needed!!

In an attempt to boost my followers and increase interest in my blog, I want to run some COOL contests, but I need some ideas.

I want something fun and different.

I've already got some great ideas for prizes and such, but need your help to spark my tiny little creative brain on the contest part of it.

So, my first contest is going to be . . . getting ideas for a contest. Funny, huh?

I will take all the people who make comments suggesting a contest idea and put their names in a hat.
The name I draw . . . THE WINNER . . . will get a
GIANT Symphony Chocolate Bar.

You can't beat that, right?

Well, okay, maybe you could beat that, but since this is a simple contest and I want to save all the really, really great prizes for later, you'll just have to get the silly candy bar.

You know you want it!

So leave me some ideas . . .

Pretty Please!

Deadline is Saturday, February 13th @ Midnight.
Enter as many times as you want, but put them in separate comments.
One entry per comment/idea.
I will post the winner on Valentine's Day
right here on my blog.

Good Luck!!


  1. Hi there, Christine! Ideas...ideas...hm. How about a six word novel contest? Or a three line one.

    Also, I tagged you on my blog. You're it!


  2. Well, themed contests are always fun and Valentine's day is coming up... The last (only, as of yet) contest I hosted, I collected advice from writers and then compiled a list of it. That was a lot of fun! You could do something like that. Flash fiction contests are fun, but I wouldn't want to be the judge. Way too hard! Anyway, there are a couple of ideas for you. Hope they help!

  3. Ooh, You could do one for St Patty's day coming up--a kiss me I'm irish, and we can tell our favorite kiss or something...

    Or you could do our favorite lines from our books (or quotes)

    Something for April fool's would be fun too! Our favorite jokes or something. I'll be doing one for then, but I think the more contests the merrier!

    Pick a funny picture and have as write the caption or something like that...

    Okay, Okay... I'll leave you alone now.

    Can you tell I love contests?

  4. Hmmmm. Of course now that I'm TRYING to think of something I can't. I will come back. ;)

  5. Wow, you've received some great ideas. Wish I could help you out. Let's see...how about a contest with the most intriguing first sentence in a manuscript. Wish I had more. :)

  6. I'm not much on contests (well, on making them up) so I usually just do them to celebrate things. (Like celebrating my followers for just being cool, a certain # of posts, anniversaries, etc.)

  7. How about a contest for the funniest original idea for a bumper sticker?
    Or the oddest original title idea for a recipe in a cook book? Or a "Finish that sentence" contest?

  8. These are great ideas! I'm going to have to use a few of them. Since I love to read, how about a contest involving a quiz about books? Kind of along the lines of Goodreads never ending book quiz.

  9. It'd also be fun to post a bunch of classic picture books and have people submit their memories of reading those books when they were young.

  10. Aprilynne Pike had a fun contest where you could match any fictional characters from any genre with each other romantically. I think it would be fun to do a best friends from any genre. Two characters and what about them would make them great friends.