Jan 31, 2010

Something to Lift You Up

Even though each day seems to get a little better, I still seem to be struggling with the events in the past few months that have left me frantically searching for someone to believe in my book--to believe in me--the way I do. After weeks of rewrites and edits, days and days of polishing my query and synopsis and even more time sending them out to prospective agents, I feel I've done all I can--but wait. I wish I knew what the Lord has in store for me. To have been led down a path of disappointment, and now to have no real hope of recapturing that magic of attaining my dream, I feel I'm wandering aimlessly, with no direction. I pray. I hope. I dream. But still no answers.

Today, I seek peace and have found some while spending time with my family and listening to some uplifting spiritual music. So for all those who are also feeling a bit down or discouraged, I have a song to share with you. Perhaps it will help you feel the warmth of the Savior's love, as I have.

Lift Me Up - Jericho Road

Every now and then I lose my way
I wander off the path
And I need Someone to find me
When I think the pain is here to stay
And I might not make it back
You remind me

I think it's one of those mysteries
We're not meant to figure out
You'll be there when I need You most
I have no doubt

Even when my thoughts are far from You
Even when I wander from the truth
You are always there beside me
Everytime I try and walk alone
Thinking I can make it on my own
And I fall when I begin
You're there to lift me up again
It always happens right out of the blue
When I'm in my darkest hour
And it's feeling like forever
Something always makes me think of You
And I can feel Your power more than ever

I think it's one of those mysteries
We're not meant to figure out
You'll be there when I need You most
I have no doubt

Even when I'm barely hanging on
I am weightless in Your love
And my fear is gone



  1. I know you can't see God's plan for you (the closed, woven box, remember?) but He does have a plan. Hang in there. It will come to fruition as soon as He can possibly manage it.

  2. What a beautiful song. I loved it.

    Hang in there. You can probably feel it deep down in your gut that it will happen for you. Keep that feeling in your heart. HF has his own frustrating time table and "Soon" for him seems like forever to us.

    Go to every conference. Sign up for every one on one. Keep putting your name out there and basically doing what you are already doing. God helps those who help themselves. You can't give up. You've come too far. We (all your friends) believe in you. What you need now is to pray for the patience to keep going and believing in yourself. You can do it if you want it bad enough! LOVE YOU!

  3. Keep believing. God gave you those desires and dreams for a reason, and all things are possible for Him.