Dec 16, 2009

Writing Wednesday

Going Back To Where It All Began

I'm starting something new today. Writing Wednesday. I hope to post a blog every week that has something to do with my writing, whether it be about my personal struggles or triumphs, a sample of my work in progress, or simply a personal tidbit of information I've learned about the craft. Since this is the first post, and because I literally feel like I'm starting over in the publishing game, I've decided to take you back to where it first began.

I dug through a few boxes to find these pictures. I know. I know. They should be decoratively displayed in an acid free scrapbook, but I just haven't done it yet. All my pictures are organized in photo boxes, anxiously waiting for me to be creative with something besides my fictional stories. Someday, I'll get to them. Anyway, the first one is the earliest memory I have of me writing. I never felt whole unless I had a tablet and pencil in my hand. More often than not, you could find me hidden away in some little crevice of the house, writing or drawing. Even though the scribbles were not yet formed words, they were masterpieces to me.

And then there is this cutie patootie. I love this picture and just had to share it. In going with the writing theme, I have to assume I'm primping for my first book signing, or perhaps that movie premiere. I had to look just right when I walked down that red carpet, ya know. I was about two in both of these pictures.

As I came to these pictures, and thumbed through several more, I realized something.

I miss me.

Somewhere along the road, I lost something near and dear to my heart, my inner child. A few months ago, my writing friends and I started reading, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. In one of the chapters it talks about finding your inner child, and at the time I thought I had. I did the exercise as assigned in the book, wrote my morning pages and even took myself out on a date (all part of the plan in the book). But now as I look back I realize I never really found her. Not really.

So that's my plan over the holidays. I want to get in touch with my inner child, find her, play with her and bring her back to life. What better time to do that than Christmas.


  1. Why do we always forget ourselves? I'm not just talking about our inner child, but the very essence of who we are! I hope too, to get back in touch with the real me! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love the pictures!

    I often feel like I need to put myself on hold so I can take care of my family and the rest of stuff life deals me. I still have not found a balance to be the real me & do all that too.

  3. Those are the cutest pictures ever!

    I never found mine either, Christine. I need to though. Although, I do have to say that since we started it, I'm more aware of her and things I'd like to do creatively.

  4. I totally agree! Find your inner child, Christine. I know she's there just waiting to be set free.

    Meet me on the playground tomorrow and we'll find our inner children together!

    Cute pics.

  5. Christmas is the PERFECT time to invite your inner child out to play. Tell her HI for me! *waving!*

    I L.O.V.E. your beautiful pictures! So, so cute. Thanks for sharing those Chris!

  6. The pictures are classic... especially the one of you writing. That should be on you bio page of your first published work!

  7. Cute pics! The "inner child" stuff sounds interesting. I'll have to look up that book.