Dec 17, 2009


I've tried to think of something that starts with a "TH" that would go with Thursday, but I'm drawing a blank. I know, I know, there's "thankful" and "thoughts", but I wanted something different than what others might be doing, so I've decided to just leave Thursday open for whatever happens to tweak me that day. Hey, there ya go. Tweaking Thursday. Nah, doesn't quite work, does it.

Anyway, today I want to share a couple of my favorite lines from "The Keeper of the Crystor," the first book in the Blood Bound series.

He ducked and twisted his body just before she hit, sending her knuckles into his rock-hard shoulder.

“Ouch!” Kira pulled her hand back and tried to shake the pain out of it. “Why did you do that?”

He raised one brow and grinned. Two deep impressions appeared—one on each cheek—dimples. “You hit me,” he said. “Are you finished?”


* * * * * *

She was so numb from her grief that for a brief moment, she let herself wonder what it would be like to have Octavion love her like that—willing to protect her and to risk everything to keep her safe. She was suddenly drawn into her own fantasy—his warm embrace, seeing herself in the reflection of his deep blue eyes—and then there was his smile, the way he raised one brow while the tiniest smirk bored dimples into the hollow of his cheeks. The tenderness of his touch as he brushed a single tear away fed into her desires even as she trembled in fear of him. How she longed to be seen through the eyes of someone who was capable of loving like that.

Okay, that's all you get for now. I've just finished the edits on this book and will be working on my synopsis and query this weekend. I hope to have my list of agents all figured out before the end of the month and send this out. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find one that believes in my book as much as I do.


  1. Ooo, thanks for the sneak peak!

  2. LOVE this idea to include random quotes from your book. Very intriguing and definitely makes me want to read more!

  3. It looks so good!!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you as well!

  4. You're a mean girl! What a teaser, I just want to read the whole thing!

  5. Crossing my fingers for you, Christine! The excerpts are great. Thanks for sharing them. =]

  6. Christine you are VERY talented! HEIDI