Apr 3, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Hate the Wind

As much as I love living in Idaho, I hate the wind. We have had more wind in the last week than I remember ever having while living here. I've made a list of my complaints.

1 - We've lost so many shingles on the backside of our house, we are going to have to put on a new roof this year.

2 - And don't even ask me about going to church wearing a dress . . . hang on to your skirt Bessy.

3 - Doing my hair is totally useless.

4 - The wind chimes have carved an indentation in the side of my house where they bang against it.

5 - The patio furniture has a mind of its own, scooting across the deck and making me think we have company . . . or ghosts.

6 - The dust is an inch thick on EVERYTHING!

7 - When it rains, and it has been doing a lot of that lately too, we have a lake in our driveway with white caps.

8 - I hate dodging tumbleweeds while driving down the road. Although I did consider putting a sail on my car to save gas.

9 - The papers that blew out of my car the other day are in Kansas now.

10 - And last, but not least . . . Never, and I say NEVER stand next to your dog when he's doing his business in the wind.

So, there you have it. Come on over for a visit ya'll. Be glad to have ya.


  1. rofl Christine! That was hysterical :)

  2. Ha! I took my kids to the park yesterday and the wind was terrible!!! It would have been kinda warm if only the wind would have stayed away:(

  3. Neighbors trampoline ended up in my front yard... there's a pair of red sparkly feet sticking out from underneath it...I dare not look but the flying monkeys keep coming back. Oh, and I have one of your patio chairs, it tumbled over a few days ago, looks nice, and seeing as how mine is 5 miles over in another yard, thinking bout keepin it. It matches the plastic table that blew in last week. Maybe if this wind keeps up Ill have a full matchin set. UGHH