Feb 14, 2009

"I've Been Tagged!!"

One of my writing buddies, Hazel, has been so kind as to tag me. It really didn't hurt--much--but it did tweak my brain a bit because I had to actually think of 25 (or less) things about myself to share with everyone. I thought I would come up short. I'm just not that interesting of a person but I managed to find 25. Most of the things I listed are silly things I'm certain wouldn't make anyone else's list, but since I was desperate, they have creeped into mine. I've tagged three of my own victims at the bottom if you care to take a look.

1) I like snakes, not even a little afraid of them. That doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to stick my hand in one of their holes or wrangle a rattler, but they don't bother me at all.

2) I'm a big tease, unfortunately most people take me too seriously and I get myself in trouble. They never know if I'm serious or pulling their leg.

3) I can twirl a baton. Learned when I was a young girl. My mom actually paid for me to take lessons when we lived in Kansas.

4) I'm deathly afraid of spiders. AAAAH!!! Even the teeny little no see'ems.

5) There's a huge cob web hanging above my desk and I'm too lazy to get the broom and catch it. Don't even want to think of the little critter that left it. EEEK!

6) It is physically and mentally impossible for me to stay awake while my husband drives. I've tried, I really have. I swear I've missed out on hundreds of miles of scenery because I'm snoozin', droolin' and noddin'. Very sad, especially since I'm the navigator and he's taken many a road in the wrong direction. (sigh)

7) I'm very intuitive. Some even say I'm psychically sensitive, but I just think I'm lucky. I've guessed the final score to a football game before it even began, found lost car keys, picked up the phone only to have it ring in my hand and it was the person I was going to call and even dreamed about things that actually happen. In other words, I'm a freak...like most everyone else.

8) I know a little about cars. Not a lot, just a little. I helped my dad rebuild the engine in my brother's '49 Chrysler when I was 12 and I've helped my husband work on several cars. When I was single, I changed my own oil....imagine that. Teens nowadays don't even know where the dipstick is.

9) My brother is a baker. My brother in law is a butcher. I was supposed to marry a candlestick maker. I guess a pizza maker is pretty close, eh?

10) I collect miniature antique advertising tins. The smaller the better. Don't like the big ones because I don't have room.

11) I am a crack shot with a gun. My father was professional marksman in the military, but it was my mother that taught me how to shoot when I was only five. I've been a member of several local and international gun clubs and have taken trophies and prizes. Unfortunately, I gave that up when kids came into the picture. All the firearms are locked in a gun safe and are never out. Both our kids have disabilities and don't know the difference between play and real guns. We don't even allow them to play with squirt guns or plastic swords. Suppose I'd be a bit rusty on the range now.

12) I taught myself how to play the guitar. My friend and I used to perform at weddings and such until I tried to sing a song by "Silvia" for someone close to me. When I was done, he said, "You sure don't sound like Sylvia." I put it away and don't play anymore, not even for my kids. Pretty sad, huh?

13) My office, where I am right now, is decorated in the jungle theme. I collect giraffes and like white tigers, so they fit right in. Besides that, the horrible mess I've made in it the past few weeks makes it look mighty authentic...LOL

14) I can wiggle my nose. Not like everyone else who has to twitch their lips to get it to move from side to side, but flaring the nostrils in and out. Really disgusting, but a great party trick....NO, I'm not doing it at the conference.

15) I lived in Germany when I was little. The things I remember the most are: the sand box full of ants, the crocheted slippers my grandma sent me that had bells on them so my mom could keep track of me while I chased after my big brother and sister, and the time she used up all my crayons, shredding them onto waxed paper, melting them with an iron and putting the pieces in the windows to look like stained glass. Great Christmas decoration, but my crayons?

16) I have an addiction to office supplies. I like buying pens and notebooks and markers and computer gadgets and paper clips (colored ones) and, and, and I once ordered over 100 legal pads from an office supply company because I was afraid I would run out. My husband has never let me live that one down. Everytime I order copy paper or something for work, he says...don't forget the legal pads ......SICK, huh?

17) My dog Lucky's ashes sit above my computer monitor. YIKES!!! (NO, I don't talk to him--much)

18) My kitchen is yellow. Oh no, not the mellow, subdued, calming yellow. I had to go and get the one that wakes you up in the morning by blinding you. Think lemon on steroids.

19) My favorite color is Pink, but I don't wear it much. When I was little I had to have a pink birthday cake with pink icing and pink plates and pink punch. I wore a pink robe and pink fuzzy slippers. Thank goodness I grew out of that. Wonder if I still have those slippers...hmmm.

20) I've been growing my hair out and I just died it dark brown, although it came out with a little red in it. Don't think any of my writing buddies will recognize me.

21) I've never had a broken bone (knock on wood) or a stitch (knock on wood) or been in the hospital over night (again with the wood thing). I've never even had to go to the hospital to have a baby because I couldn't have kids. We adopted.

22) I have a brown thumb. I swear there isn't a plant in my house that isn't in dire need of CPR (Croaking Plant Resuscitation)

23) My grandmother was a beauty queen. She was the first Miss Pocatello Idaho in 1927. Pretty proud of her. She is currently 98 1/2 and lives in an assisted living complex. You go granny.

24) I've seen the Mona Lisa. Not at all what I expected. Very small and drab.

25) I love the moon. My astrological sign is Cancer which is the moon child and it fits. I could sit outside on a clear night and watch the moon for hours. My favorite star is Venus and I can always pick it out from the rest.

NOW...the next to be tagged are: Nichole, Ali and Stephanie (Don't hate me, please)


  1. I LOVED reading this! So fun getting to know you better. And guess what?? I'm addicted to office supplies too. I buy paper and pens by the box.

  2. Fun blog, Christine. I really enjoyed it. Brought me many smiles.

  3. Loved your list. My favorite was finding out that you're a crack shot and have trophies to prove it. That is sooooo cool!

  4. Hi Christine,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your list. You have quite a diverse life to draw from in your writing. I hope you exploit all that fun experience you have had. What are you writing about anyway? I love all the heart motif photos in your earlier posts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, lots of interesting information. Now I'm going to be looking for a beauty with long dark hair at the conference.


  6. Loved your blog. I, too, am a pushover for office supplies. When I worked at the Health Department I even loved ording the office supplies, especially since they didn't cost ME any money. But I must say, though I love new notebooks, I have never bought 100 at one time.


  7. They were in bundles of 12 and were on sale. What can I say?

  8. We have a lot in common--I love to look at the moon too. I love office supplies, I'm afraid of spiders--there's a few more on there. Thanks for sharing! You make me smile. :)

  9. Whoa, Nelly! Did you ever tell me you lived in Kansas? Hmm? Cause I honestly don't remember. What part?

    Can't wait to see your new hair-do!!

  10. Wow Christine. You have AMAZING things on your list! Way more interesting than mine. But . . . I will try.

    I love that you're an expert shooter. That you taught yourself to play the guitar. And many more things. Just so interesting!

    Great job!

  11. Well we have the snakes and spiders in common. Funny, eh. I'm getting a kick out of this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.