Jun 11, 2008

I Found My Title

I was working on my book when a title finally came to me. The working title will be "Taming the Heart". I have thought about it for a few days and really like it so, there it is. I know that most publishers change titles and that is okay, but at least I have something besides "untitled".

So, for those of you who are interested, here is a small snipit. It is smack dab in the middle of the book. You will have to tune in later to find out what the big deal is about the bracelet.

"Taming the Heart"

I showed him to the phone and then gave him some space. As I sat at my desk, pretending to be busy, I heard him talking to someone about his car. When he was done, he thanked me and went for the door. As the door flew open, guilt struck and I invited him to wait inside, out of the rain.
“I hate to put you out, ma’am. My ride should be here any minute.”
“It’s no bother.” I said.
He closed the door and took a seat on the couch. “You have a nice home.” He said.
“Thanks.” He was polite. “So, where were you headed?”
“Just driving around. Thought I might grab me a burger or something.”
I thought about offering him something to eat, but than he spoke again.
“Nice bracelet.”
I froze. I couldn’t move. I had been straightening the magazines on the coffee table and wasn’t sure I’d heard him right. I slowly raised my head to look in his eyes. “What did you say?”
He flashed a sinister grin. “I said, nice bracelet.”
I jumped out of my chair and stepped back away from him. “Who are you?”
He sprang to his feet and flew across the room, grabbing me by the front of my shirt and slamming my back against the wall with so much force it knocked a big mirror off the wall, shattering it. “Where is she?”
Lydia, I’m in trouble. Come NOW! “Where’s who?” I tried to catch my breath.
“Don’t play games with me little girl. There’s only one way you can have that thing on your arm. Where is she?” The muscles in his face were so tense I could see veins bulging from underneath his skin and his eyes were black.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I found it.” I lied.
But it didn’t work. He let out a horrible roar and threw me across the room. I landed on the coffee table, smashing it into pieces. A sharp pain struck my left side and I cried out. “No!” Lydia, hurry, he’s gonna kill me.
We’re coming, hold on.
I couldn’t breath. I was lying on my stomach, struggled to get up, but before I could pull my knees up underneath me, he was on top of me, pulling my hair back. When I felt the cold blade of his knife against my neck, I knew I was going to die.
“Tell me now, wench. Where is she?” He yanked harder on my hair.
When the front door exploded off the hinges, he pulled the knife across my neck and let go of his hold. I grabbed my neck and rolled out of the way.
“Looking for me, old friend?” What I had witnessed in the canyon was no comparison to the transformation I was seeing Octavion go through now. In the time it took him to fly across the room and take the man to the ground, his entire body had changed. His back muscles exploded into masses of lean tendons across his shoulders and down his back. The bridge of his nose widened as the color of his eyes turned yellow, the pupils thin, like a cat. When he let out a ferocious roar, the echo of it rung in my ears, like a nightmare I couldn’t wake from.
As Octavion picked him up and threw him across the room, slamming his body against the kitchen door frame, I realized I wasn’t breathing. Completely shaken by what I had seen, I tried to pull myself out of my trance. I sucked in what air I could, but the pain was too great.
As the man stood, he smiled wickedly and turned toward the kitchen. Octavion followed. I heard the shatter of glass as they blew through the French doors and out into the back yard.

Thanks for checking this out. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Neener, neener, neener- I know what the bracelt means and where she {Kira} got it!

    I'm gloating I know- but I couldn't resist! For you blog readers out there- Miss Chrsitne emailed her first 3 chapters and I got to read them. It's SO good!

    Christine- this is fantastic!

  2. Thanks Autumn. You are so good for my ego.


  3. Pretty exciting, Christine! If I wasn't about to leave for YW camp, I'd ask to read your first three chapters. But hey, good luck. It looks great.

  4. I wanna read it!

    Shoot me an email Christine! (please?)