Apr 14, 2008

Reading, Reading, Reading!

I've spent a good deal of time since returning from LDStorymakers Conference, reading great books. Last week I finished one of Candace's books (below) and loved it. I emailed her that I was a little disappointed at the ending, but only because I want to read the next book NOW! Unfortunately, it isn't out yet. If anyone has a chance to pick this one up, it is GREAT!! I highly recommend it.

Now I am about half way through with another wonderful book..."Counting Stars" by Michele Paige Holmes. So far, so good. Can't put it down. In fact, as soon as I publish this blog, I'm back to reading it.

I know, I know....I need to WRITE! But how can I NOT read all these wonderful books I purchased at conference? UGH!

1 comment:

  1. I just posted about Counting Stars, among other books earlier this week on my blog. It's great!