Apr 12, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Cheer Up
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How much are you paying for gas? I'm driving a Pontiac Torrent which gets about 20 miles per gallon. I filled up today at my local Chevron station and as I was watching the dollar amounts flipping much faster than the amount of gas going into my vehicle, I cringed. When it got to the five gallon mark, I had put over $17.00 worth of gas into my car. OUCH! I actually remember when my father filled up the car on a trip to Rupert to visit my aunt and it was 53 cents a gallon. He called it "highway robbery". He used to brag about putting 25 cents worth of gas into his tank when he was dating my mother and it would last him all week. How would it be?

I realize that the cost of living is much higher and that we all make more money than my father did back then, but it doesn't make it hurt our pocket books any less. And it doesn't stop there. My nephew drives truck and the last time I talked to him, he said he was going to have to park it. He couldn't afford to drive it anymore. In our restaurant, we paid about $18.00 two months ago for a fifty pound bag of flour. Last week it was almost $50.00 and we were told by our salesman that it could reach as much as $75.00 by July. Tomato products are supposed to go up because they didn't get enough rain in California and to top it all off, minimum wage goes up again in July.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but actually, I am grateful that we are still surviving (knock on wood). There are families out there that can't afford to feed their kids and don't even have a car to put gas in. So, I encourage all of you to take a moment to think about what you have. Be grateful that you still have a roof over your head and food to feed your kids. Be grateful that you have power enough to run the computer you are sitting at. Can you imagine the days before the computer? I am old enough to remember using a typewriter. My father used to let me borrow his old black Royal. I single handedly kept the "white out" company in business...LOL.

In a nut shell....Count Your Blessings!!


  1. I couldn't agree more!!! Thank you for being my friend!!! you have helped us out more then u could imagine!! and we just want to say Thank you!!! love Kris and Family

  2. Thanks for the reminders, Christine! I agree. We are all extremely blessed. Your post cheered me up. Thanks!