Nov 10, 2017

It's been over a year since I posted an update. The time has gone so quickly and with little or no progress in the writing department. I keep telling myself it will come in time, but the truth is I'm still struggling to find that passion I once had--that drive to tell the story that's in me. And I have stories. Lots of them. I even have two books completely outlined and half written, but when I sit down at my computer . . . NOTHING. It's like my brain completely freezes up and I can't think of a single sentence to put on the page. It's so frustrating.

I sooo wish I had better news, but for now I guess the possibility of a new book being on the market soon is pretty slim. That being said, I will continue trying.

Man, I miss being in the writer's loop. I miss my author friends and corresponding with my wonderful and loyal fans. Let's hope 2018 brings me closer to finding my muse.

Hugs to all.


  1. well...we need those books. You can do it... we're rooting for you!! maybe you just need to do nano and sit and write without worrying about the outlined story...?

    1. Thanks, Gaynelle, but NaNo is almost over. I Love that you're encouraging me, though. You Rock!!!

  2. Chris, maybe you could take one of the characters like Ussay or even Lydia and make another Crystor Series - talking from a different angle. I would also be willing to proofread for you if you want. :-) You are an awesome author!