Oct 12, 2012

Fan Friday - The Character Interview

 Welcome to my first character interview, and you, the fans, have asked some pretty tough questions. Here they are, along with the answers. I hope you enjoy seeing into the minds of Kira, Altaria and Octavion.

(I've added a few pics that I used for inspiration to show you how I saw them while writing.)

Debie Guthman asks Altaria . . . Tell me more about yourself, why you fight for control yet hide at other times, what secret past do you hide for the group?

Altaria – My whole life is clouded with secrets and keeping my existence unknown. While I’m aware of everything around me—feel, smell, taste and know everything Lydia experiences—I remain silent in order to save our life. In our world, gifts are not only admired and seen as a strength, they are sought after by those who seek their power. The uniqueness we possess would put us in great danger. 
To you, it may seem like I am sheltered and withdrawn, but just the opposite is true. As you may have notice while my spirit dwelt within Kira’s body, I rarely sleep. I continue to observe, listen and live. My mother discovered this late one night when she visited our room to be sure we were all right. She stepped to the bedside to draw the covers up around our shoulders and I opened my eyes—my light blue eyes, not Lydia’s green ones. 
While Lydia slept, my mother and I whispered so we wouldn’t wake her. From that night on, she came to our bedside and showed her love for me—my spirit, not Lydia’s. She told me of her life as a commoner, how she and my father met and fell in love. She told me stories of her youth and the history of our ancestors. And sometimes, she just held me and listened to me breathe. I didn’t mind letting Lydia have the days, knowing I had the nights with our mother.
Now. Now, things are different. My mother no longer visits me in the night and with Lydia gone, I am utterly alone. I’m learning things about myself though. How to be stronger in spirit and how to sleep so my body can rest. I miss my kindred spirit terribly. I miss my connection with Kira and sharing our thoughts. But most of all, I miss those quiet nights with my mother.

Jasmine Hunter asks Kira....Knowing the outcome so far.....would you still befriend Lydia??

Kira –  In a nut shell, YES! Lydia isn’t just my BFF, she’s like a sister to me and we had a connection long before I wore the Crystor.

Of course I have regrets about other stuff. As I look back there were so many times when I was brave one minute and a freakin’ mouse the next. Or when I did something stupid and put us all in danger. I think most of that was the way the Crystor made changes to my body and personality, and not knowing how to react to the strange things going on around me. I wasn’t used to Octavion and Kira’s world and I could have made better decisions. But being bound to Lydia isn’t one of them.

Jennifer BouLahoud asks Kira.....Knowing now everything it meant to be bound to Lydia, all the happiness, pain, struggles etc, would you do again?

Kira – Yep!!  As I told Jasmine above, I love Lydia and risking my life to save hers was no brainer. I can’t imagine my life back on earth now and I don’t miss it. Well, okay, maybe my music. I miss that a lot. And I do wish I’d been able to graduate. But I feel more at home now than I ever did living with my mom and her boyfriends. And even with all that’s happened—and now being separated from Octavion and Altaria—I know there are great things for me in the future, new people to meet on this wonderful world and love yet to be discovered.

Estina Figueroa asks Kira . . . When you felt that someone was watching you did it feel weird or did you felt like you were protected?

Kira – Are you talking about in the beginning, when I was sitting on the hood of Lydia’s car? Umm, total weirdness. I’ve always had these little brain wave blips, as I call them, but this was different. Now that I know what it feels like when Octavion is about to appear, I think it was kind of like that. Like when you’re on a roller coaster and you reach the top and your stomach flips over right before you plummet to the ground. Yeah, that’s what Octavion does to me when he’s around. But in a good way. Man, I miss him.

Veray Carter Octavion . . . You do know that Kira is going to whip your butt when she finds out the deal you made with King Ramla. Knowing that you made this deal, why did you then continue to develop your relationship with her if you knew you would have to leave her?

Octavion – This is something that has been weighing heavy on my mind and my heart. I know I should tell her. No excuses. No secrets. But then I look at her shattered and broken spirit and the last thing I want to do is tell her the truth. I guess I am selfish in that way. I want to spend every moment we have left enjoying her company. Her smile. Her laughter. I need to be sure she knows how much I love her, that she has worth and a real home here. I need to be sure she’s strong enough to handle it and will not try to kill herself again like she did on the cliff. Most of all, I keep hoping that King Ramla will change his mind and leave us to live in love forever. But I know only a miracle can do that and Ophera is too wild and unpredictable to give that thought any merit.

In the meantime, I need to put these thoughts behind me and spend every waking moment searching for her, hoping she’s still alive. If not, the price I paid for her life will be wasted and King Ramla will have a willing servant.

 Thanks for coming and for hanging out with us. If you have anymore questions, be sure to leave them below in the comment section. 

See you when BELOVED comes out.


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