Jul 7, 2012

Fan Friday (a little late)

Welcome to my first 

(on Saturday because I'm a space cadet and forgot to post this yesterday)

 Fan Friday is exactly what it sounds like, a little something for my fans and the fans of The Crystor Series or other writing projects I happen to publish in the future.

I'll post things about the books, characters, scenes and other secrets not revealed in the books.

I will also ask fans to contribute from time to time, giving them a chance to let me know what they think or what they'd like to read here. This is one of those times . . .

TODAY - We talk about 

For the past two days, I've asked fans on my Facebook Fan Page to post a photo of an actor they'd like to play Octavion in the movie versions of BOUND and BROKEN.  I've had a great response, but would love to have more. 

So start searching the web for the perfect actor to portray Octavion and post it on my Fan Page, HERE!!

Everyone who does will be entered into a drawing to win this . . . 
Be sure to LIKE that page while you're there so you can stay up to date on everything Crystor.

Drawing ends at midnight (MST) Sunday the 8th, so hurry.

I'll announce the winner here on Tuesday and post all the pics, then let you know which one I like the best.


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