May 15, 2012

Change Isn't Always a Bad Thing

We've all had it happen to us--that thing called change. We dread it. We fear it. We even avoid it at all costs. But sometimes it just happens and there's nothing we can do but hang on for dear life and ride it out.

Recently, the geometric boundaries were changed in my ward (where I attend church). Instead of attending services with people I've known for years, in a building I've gone to since my husband and I were married some 25 years ago, we were now going elsewhere.

I was so sad, crazy upset about it. I don't like change, in fact I hate it, but the thing that worried me the most was how change upsets my autistic son. Any little deviation in his routine and he has a major melt down. I was not prepared for the fallout.

Last Sunday, I got my big girl panties on (literally) and reluctantly attended this new and foreign place I just knew I'd hate. I had such a bad attitude about it, even though I put on a happy, positive face for my son.

But guess what? Two minutes after walking into the chapel I discovered that I LOVE IT!!!  The first thing I noticed was that I already knew several of the people, I'd met them through other things I'd done in the community.

Then there was the pews on the stand behind the pulpit. You know, where the choir sits.  In our old building they had chairs with arms and I (being all wide and FAT) could never sit in them, which meant I couldn't be in the choir.

NOW, I can be in the choir, which makes me VERY HAPPY.  :-)

And far as my son goes, well . . . he strutted right in like he owned the place and made instant friends with everyone. He loves it too and so does my husband.

So I guess my point is, CHANGE ISN'T ALWAYS A BAD THING.  While I'll miss the friends in my old ward, I'm anxious to make new friends and be included in things I love to do.

Have you endure a dreaded change that has ultimately brought a good thing into your life?


  1. You are still AWESOME even though I have been out of the loop awhile. LOVED the post. Made me feel sad for you then I had to laugh out loud at putting on your big girl panties. I'm still laughing. GLAD you like it. :)

  2. I thought moving would suck to the max. But it has been a great adventure for sure. :)

  3. Starting over at my divorce. Moved to new town, bought a house, it's been fun, challenging, and ultimately made me and the kids stronger because of it.

  4. Thanks for coming over to my new blog! And I'm so glad to have yours to read now!

    I agree that change can be hard but so good for us at the same time. We just went through a house building process where we sold a house, rented for a little while, moved again into my in-laws's home while they served a mission, and finally moved into our new house. During the two years that process took, we were asked to attend in our ward boundaries which meant we attended three different wards! Sometimes those changes were hard but at the end of the two years we felt stronger and closer to the church members in our community because of it.