Apr 18, 2012

P . . . Pink ~ Perfect

When I asked my husband to think of something I could write about that started with the letter "P" he said PINK, my favorite color. Smart man to know that, but it only made me think of PINK the singer and the song PERFECT. Which, of course, made me think of how many young teens there are out there that have low self-esteem or think less of themselves than they should.

I was one of those teens growing up.  My father never passed up an opportunity to put me down or comment on my weight. I was never good enough for him. I'm almost 50 and I still hear his voice in my head trying to convince me I'm worthless. But I'm getting better at pushing those voices away and so should you.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!!  You are a unique individual with talents and gifts. You're beautiful, wonderful and glorious. Do yourself a huge favor and wrap your arms around yourself and give that inner child a great big HUG!!  You deserve it.

Then listen to this song.  It's the clean version, so don't worry about that.


What voices do you need to shove out of your head?


  1. I love this song. Dads play such an important role in a daughter's life (and mind!)...glad you are learning to quiet the hurt.

    Visting from the A-Z today...good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  2. My ex's is all but gone. He nearly destroyed me but I survived.