Apr 14, 2012

M . . . Moi

That's right. Today, it's all about MOI.

Below are 10 random facts about me . . . or not. See if you can figure out which one's are true and which TWO are false.

1 - I have a dragonfly tattooed on my left shoulder.

2 - I hate spiders.

3 - My MOTHER taught me how to shoot when I was FIVE.

4 - I have a four foot wooden giraffe on my desk.

5 - I used to live in Germany.

6 - I love spinach.

7 - I will be 50 in July of 2012.

8 - I have two sons, but have never been pregnant.

9 - Twizzlers, NOT Red Vines. *gag*

10 - I was a PLUS size model when I was younger.

So, what do you think? Can you guess which TWO things are NOT true about me?  Leave your choices in the comments below. Anyone who guesses right, will get a digital copy of BOUND*.

*To be eligible to win a digital copy of BOUND, you must leave your comment before midnight, MST, Sunday, April 15,2012.


  1. What the heck. I'll guess 1 and 6.

  2. Great post, Christine. I'm guessing 5 & 7. I've already read BOUND though. Still, I can't wait to find out which are the truths. =D

  3. 7 and 8. **bitingnailstoknowthetruth**

  4. My guess is 4 & 6... Those are hard! ;0)

  5. Ummmmmm...that's hard. My guesses are 3 and 10

    Thanks! :D

  6. That is hard. how about 7 & 6...


  7. 1 and 10 (=
    This is such a fun little guessing game!! I can't wait to see what the actual answers are!!

  8. I'm going to guess 4 and 5. Fun game!

  9. I am going to guess 4 and 6. Great game. Looking forward to the right answers!

  10. I'm guessing 1 and 6! This is fun.

  11. My guess is numbers 1 and 6. I just can't wrap my mind around loving spinach. To each his own, I guess. ;)

  12. Oh, and II should clarify that I'm not commenting to enter. I've read and LOVED Bound, I'm just curious as to if my hunch is right. :)

  13. You guys are cracking me up. Keep guessing. I'm not giving any hints.

    1. That's sooooo cruel ;) Hopefully someone will get it!!

  14. I have my guesses, but I've read multiple versions of Bound. 1 & 10 for me. Oh, and Christy, I LOVE SPINACH! For real! One of my favorite vegetables and has been since I was young. So there are a few of us out there. :D

  15. I think 4 and 8. And since I haven't read BOUND yet, I'd love to win but, hey, it's a fun contest, anyway.