Dec 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - INDIE BOOK BLOWOUT!!!

I hope you're ready for this.

LOTS of books are now being offered for only 

99 cents

It's the

And of course, my debut novel, BOUND is one of them, so head on over to their website and check out all the great books they have to offer. You'll want to come back every day until the 24th to see more books. BOUND is on day 3 (December 14th), but you can purchase it at any of the links on my sidebar for the same LOW price. I'll have it that low until the end of the month, so you can give your new Nook or Kindle Santa brings you some BOUND love.


  1. Totally awesome. Thanks!

    Pam Young, author in the blowout
    My FINAL Quit (memoir) & Night Sounds (novel)

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  3. Great looking banner for the Indie Book Blow Out! Good luck with your book, BOUND!

    Debra Burroughs, author in the Indie Book Blow Out
    SHE HAD NO CHOICE, a Latin spin on The Color Purple

  4. I love the banner. I may borrow it with a link back here. Thanks.

  5. Sounds pretty awesome! I love new books!

  6. Great! Hope your sales are going great, CK.