Nov 24, 2011

A Different Kind of Thanks

While waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven so I can put the yams and rolls in, I've been scrolling through the blogs that were posted today wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Most of the bloggers made lists of 10-15 things or people or situations they were grateful for, and I think that's great. I love the process of evaluating one's life to discover all the wonderful blessings we've received over the last year or so. But for me, a list won't work.

Here's why.

I have too much to be grateful for.

The past 3-4 years have been extremely rough for us. The economy has taken its tole on our restaurant and we've had to sell a lot of our luxury items in order to pay the monthly bills. Things like our travel trailer, a couple of old trucks, my husbands guns and my guitar. All items we enjoyed and that brought us happiness when we used them. While it stung a little seeing them go, we've learned a very valuable lesson. Our life is much richer because we've simplified it. Tightening our budget has made us aware of things we can do without and still be happy. You'd think there wouldn't be much left to be thankful for, but the gratitude isn't in what we've lost, it's in what we've found.

Each other.

We spend more quality time together, invent fun games to play as a family that don't include spending money and have learned to be content just being together with nothing else to do but enjoy each other's company. Yes, I have a huge list of "things" to be grateful for, but nothing could compare to being safe and healthy and together.

May you all find joy in the little things and cling to your loved ones.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It's the people not the things that matter!

  2. Christine,

    Great post. How wonderful it is to discover what the Lord has tried to tell us all for long time. "Through small and simple things, great things are brought to pass." I've had the same experience lately. "Things" are only transient. Family is forever if we live for it.

    Thanks so much for sharing - for helping me to ponder the little things which make up such a big part of life.


  3. You are so right, Alex.

    Thanks for the wonderful words, Randy. Family has to be the number one priority in my life. Discovering that has made all the difference.