Oct 21, 2011

Why Do We Pamper Our Pets?

So, a few years ago we got this cute little puppy.
We named  him Sparky.

And as we all know, he started to grow, started to chew everything in sight and had his not-so-cute little accidents all over our new carpet. (That's a dog bone behind him, not a . . . never mind.)

But we loved him anyway, and soon he outgrew his "puppy stage" and learned to behave.

Except for one very annoying habit. 

 He likes to bunch up the comforter on my bed and make a nest.

I spend time making the bed, putting the cute pillow shams on it and tucking in the dangling sheets and he comes along and messes it all up.

We've tried everything to make him stop.
He even has his own little bed and a fleece blanket on the ottoman at the foot of the bed, but NOPE, he wants to sleep on OUR bed.

That's when I see our cute little puppy like this.

ROFL!  Yeah, great pic, eh?  FYI, it is NOT Photoshopped. Talk about demon dog from hell.

So I tell you all this because about three weeks ago he got really sick, then the day we were going to take him to the vet, he disappeared. He was gone for four days and we just knew he'd wandered off and died. We were so sad. Then I was sitting at my desk one afternoon and I heard a weak bark that sounded like him. I ran to the back door and saw him in the bushes out back. We live in the middle of sage brush and lava rock, in the middle of nowhere, so it was a miracle he'd found his way home.

We took him to the vet, bought him meds, medicated shampoo, a new collar, new tags, new everything because we were so happy to have him back. I totally cried when I thought we'd lost him.


So guess who is allowed to sleep on the bed with us now?

Um, yep. Sparky.

And he's very proud that he now rules the roost.

How do you spoil your pets?


  1. Awww, so glad he found his way home. He reminds me of my min pin, Goofy. When she was a pup, she'd chew everything! And she makes "nests" with blankets on the couch and bed too. She' almost 15 and blind, but that girl can get around fairly well luckily (she must memorize the house as when we bring her somewhere else, she is very confused). Hug that doggie!!! (and yes, both of our dogs sleep with us. They keep me warm in the winter!)

  2. Hi Christine! I'm still hopping from Pay it Forward. Loved your post! Life is better with dogs. I have two. The house is theirs.

  3. Oh geeez he's cuuuute! Tell us the story of how you got him!

  4. I like pets best when they're outside. However, until now they've spent most of their time inside, and having regular accidents on the carpet. I put your Karma button on my blog, btw, and forgot to tell you. totally Tina

  5. LOL, Christine! He knew just what to do to get his way, eh? =) We don't have any pets cause my hubby is allergic, but growing up my family has pets out the wazoo. My dog, Ginger, was my best friend. She went with me just about everywhere. And yes, she was allowed to sleep on the bed.

    I'm glad Sparky is back home and safe.