Oct 12, 2011

Finding Inspiration in Pictures

As I begin writing and revising the second book in THE CRYSTOR series, I find myself going back to my original inspiration. Most of you don't know this, but BOUND, formerly titled "Taming the Heart," was originally an adult fantasy. But after losing it's contract with a publishing company and going through several revisions, I decided it needed to be young adult. In addition to changing the ages and some of the circumstances of the characters, I added more paranormal aspects and upped the romance between Octavion and Kira. I think it made for a better read.

So, to give you a look at the past, I'm sharing some pictures that inspired the adult version of my characters. I don't think the YA versions are that far from the original, except maybe Kira. Since the story is mostly told from her point of view, and is more about her growth as a woman, I made sure her character was true to my vision. The picture on the front of the book is EXACTLY how I saw her when writing this book.

Okay, so here is Altaria.
Can't you see her haughtiness oozing from every pour?
And she's so beautiful.
I don't have a picture of Lydia, but saw her much the same, only with a sparkle in her eye and always smiling.

Meet Shandira.
When you read the book and get to the end, there will be a memorium.
Although this picture served as inspiration, the true character was invented when my friend, Shandra, begged me to be the antagonist in my book. She was such a wonderful person, with a kind heart, but wanted desperately to be bad in print. 
Unfortunately, Shandra passed away before she could read the book.

This picture served multiple purposes. 
While the girl looks nothing like Kira, I did like her stance and the way she carried her bow. I think Kira will be more like this in book three of the series. 
I also used this picture as inspiration for Xantara. 
See the two moons and the white castle on the cliff?
See the lake?
That's all a part of Xantara. 
Can't wait for you to read BROKEN. You're going to love getting to know Octavion's world.

And now you get to see Bastian.
Yeah, he's a bad boy. 
What Lydia ever saw in him, I'll never know.

We're not finished with him, so stayed tuned for book two.
And don't worry. Octavion will get his revenge.

Speaking of Octavion.

Umm, yeah. Yummy is a good word here.

Of course, he's much younger in the YA version.

Here's a pic I found that is close to how I see him now.
I hope you enjoyed my little journey into the past.

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What do you use for inspiration?


  1. I love those pics! I have the one you use for Altaria. I like that. I've posted up pics of what my characters would look like should a movie ever be made, but I have lots of pics from fantasy artists who inspired the looks for my characters as well. I may post about that one of these days as well. I am so looking forward to reading your book!

  2. I also use pictures. Movies and music help, too. Looking forward to BOUND, just so you know. :)

    And I launched a giveaway today!