Sep 13, 2011

Will INDIES Take Over the World?

So, I'm scrolling down my Google Reader, getting caught up on all the great books being reviewed and who's doing what in their personal lives and I stumble on a post that gives a link to WORDPLAY. The subject is INDIE publishing, so of course I'm interested. I click on the link and who do I see?  James Dashner and Jeff Scott Savage, and they've teamed up with  


Then I listened to the podcast and had to laugh. Are they bashing INDIES?  Are they nervous that the traditional way of publishing is in trouble? Do I hear fear in their shaky voices? (Just kidding guys. You know I love ya.) Or are they just trying to understand what's going on in the publishing industry?

You be the judge. Then let me know what you think of INDIE Pubbing, AKA: Self-Publishing.

Go HERE to listen.
Then come back and leave your comment.
(I'm so getting in trouble for this one)


  1. I'm kind of in love with self-publishing. Sure, you could end up with some books that aren't as great, but you get that with some national publications too, honestly. If Indie publishing becomes bigger, that means more books are out there to read, more authors are experiencing their dreams AND prices are significantly cheaper. Win/win/win if you ask me!

  2. Love back at you, Christine! Totally not bashing. And we are currently trying to get someone like JA Konrath or Amanda Hocking to join us soon and talk more about indy publishing. My hope is that both traditional and indy authors give readers even more choices!

  3. Aw! Jeff, I'm so honored to see you here on my blog. I hope you didn't take offense. I loved your podcast and found it very interesting. Oh, and I'm a new follower, so will be listening often.

  4. It was a good podcast, but it does need a voice of someone successful using the Indie route. I think I agree that there's going to be a place in the future for both indie and traditional publishing. Just like there are people who like sewing their own clothes or making their own crafts or building their own homes, there are plenty of people who hate that kind of thing. I may love ebooks but I also love my paper books. And it's a lot easier to share my paper books.

    While there may be a lot of garbage out there amongst the self-published books, I think there're also many wonderful books that are ready to be published that just don't fit a certain trend at a certain time. Just because a book is self-published doesn't mean the author did everything on the cheap nor does it mean that every book that's published deserves to be. I've read some that were published and thought O_o

  5. I ♥ you Donna! Ditto to everything you said. :)

  6. Thanks Christine. I appreciate the link. Dashner and Savage are quite the dynamic duo and just flat out fun when the two of them are even in the same room.

  7. would have liked to hear from an indie author...the post cast seemed very one-sided.