Sep 6, 2011

My Turn to . . . BREATHE

Who wouldn't be able to step back and take a deep breath with this view? I was in HEAVEN this past weekend. Talk about three days of rest and relaxation.

A friend of ours invited us to join them at their cabin in Island Park, Idaho for a few days. When I think of the word, "cabin," I think of a small one room bunk house. Boy was I wrong. This three story, 6500 square-foot, lodge-style home was BEAUTIFUL and sat on a private island on the edge of the lake. Like I said, HEAVEN.

Here's a picture of the living room from ONE of the two large dining room tables.

Was I spoiled or what?

Even though I was surrounded by all this luxury, I learned a very valuable lesson. I love my simple life. Since the economy took a nose dive, our restaurant has suffered financially and so have we. We've had to sell our travel trailer, an old truck and several other things, just to pay the bills each month. The situation caused a lot of self pity and depression, not to mention unreasonable expectations for when I "make it big" as a writer. As if the sales from ONE BOOK could solve all our problems. HA! Not likely.

So, while this weekend was like a breath of fresh air and I was able to relax and have a great time with friends and family, it also gave me some perspective in my own life. I was finally able to step back and see that my life is not all that bad, that I'm blessed and have a lot to be grateful for.

How did you spend your weekend? Have you learned any "life" lessons lately?


  1. I'm so glad you got away in this beautiful spot, and I'm sorry to hear you had to sell your restaurant. I used to try to think of three things every day that I was grateful for -- but things that happened *that day*. So one of my life lessons has been that even on a really awful day, I can usually find at least three things that made me happy.

  2. I can relate to that... My husband's been out of a job for 8 of the 10 months we've been married, and just starting out, you can imagine how difficult that's been... but despite difficulties, we've made it this far, and that in itself is a blessing! Though of course I do look forward to the day when it's not quite so difficult! :)

  3. Gail, we didn't sell our restaurant, it's just not doing as well as it used to, making it very hard to get by. Thanks for the advice.

    Lisa, I totally get that. I hope to look back at these bad times very soon and be grateful for the lesson we learned, but for now, it's just dang hard. Hang in there. We'll make it.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. It's always nice to gain some perspective. My latest life lesson has to do with being more flexible. It's hard work!

  5. What a lovely place! I am glad you were immersed in its beauty!

    I spent my weekend in dark rooms with a migraine. Oh well. It's still life.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I could get used to living like that. lol Not foreseeable in the near future!