Sep 25, 2011

Button! Button! Who's Got the Button?

Let the PARTY BEGIN!!!
All taking the publishing world by storm with an


But wait. We're just too excited to hold back the celebration until our release on 11/11/11. So we're starting early!  And because it's always fun to do things with other people we want you to join in the fun!  Please put your hands together and welcome the  
Dark C.A.R.M.A. Tour!

We are: C.K. Bryant (moi), Ali Cross, RaShelle WorkmanMelanie McCullough* and Angela Kulig. You can learn more about all of us and our books on the Dark CARMA Tour blog.

Because we are working as a team, we can do lots of fun things that we never could as solo acts. But before we get to the really excellent stuff that begins in November, we need help spreading the word. And that's where you get to join the celebration.  WOOT!

See our nifty button over on the sidebar? The one with the code beneath it? If you would be so kind as to grab that button and paste it on your blog, that would be awesome (just copy the code in the text box and paste the code into an HTML widget)! 

And if you Blogged? Facebooked? And Tweeted too? Awesome!

         And to thank you for your efforts on our behalf, we will award prizes!

Once you have your button posted, and you've Blogged, FB'd or Tweeted, go to the Dark CARMA blog and fill out the Good Karma Giveaway form. You earn one point for featuring our linked button on your blog, one point for becoming a follower of the DC blog and one point for every extra word-spreading you do (links are required!).
The Good Karma Giveaway will run from now through November 10th. On November 11th, launch day (when more awesome goodness will begin) we will announce FIVE winners. Five winners will be randomly drawn, each to win one of our books. For instance, Christine will draw a winner, and that person will receive her book, BOUND. Another winner could win EXILED, etc.

We are so excited to have the chance to share our books with you, and would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word. Everybody could use a little good karma in their life, right?

Thank you!

Pssst:  There's a really cool countdown widget over there too. I KNOW you want that little gadget on your blog, so go ahead and snag it. PARTY ON DUDE!! (Does that date me?)


  1. fantastic! i'm posting the button on my blog now!

  2. This sounds exciting! I'll mark the calendar.

  3. How fun to get to launch books together (It sounds like you're using a catapult. haha)

  4. How awesome. What a great way share your amazing books. I'm in.

  5. OMG! These covers LOOK amazing! It is awesome to release your books together! And gives everyone some awesome reading for a week or so. hehe.

  6. Great covers, ladies! Can't wait to get my hands on copies of these. Congratulations.